This week's hot gig tip

A shoutout today to Adam Page. The super-talented musician from Australia has called Wellington his home for the past couple of years - we've been lucky to have him here. He's been an injection of energy to the scene.

Page is a saxophonist, a multi-instrumentalist - and when they do the loop-pedal performance audit he is one of a very few people who should still be allowed full use of the device. Heck, someone give him an endorsement deal!

Since his Fringe Festival visits to New Zealand - and then moving here - I've seen Page play solo shows, comedy shows, festival gigs; he's played straight jazz and improvisation, he's worked with many of the city's great musicians, helping them to further realise their creative goals. He's worked with classical composers and comedians.

You may remember I gushed about seeing Band of Thousands, the duo that features Page and Riki Gooch - but actually it featured the audience too; it was tantamount to a Lightning Bolt gig.

Adam Page is always worth checking out - he's got something for everyone, straight and serious, comedic, demented; he can take your breath away with his sheer range of music; with some of the beautiful flue and sax sounds he coaxes. Then there's all the other instruments he layers in, vocal percussion, beatboxing, the works.

And he has the best beard in town.

Next week Adam Page jets off to the Edinburgh Fringe to play 24 shows in 25 days and tomorrow night he's having a party to raise some funds. It's a great idea. You get an amazing gig. And he gets some spending money for his trip thanks to you supporting him.

So, turn up tomorrow night to Meow, where for just $10 you'll get a solo set from Page (9pm) and then from 10.30 a band jam featuring Page and Gooch, Ed Zuccollo and other great guests.

Doors open 8.30pm.

It's just $10 and your money will help Adam survive as he takes his music to the world.

It's the hot tip for best gig, this week I reckon - great vibe, great music, great cause and you are getting something back (some great entertainment) for your donation.

Also, Yeastie Boys, makers of some of the best beer in the city have donated some beer to the cause. That means you get to drink Yeastie Boys' brew on the night and the money you pay will also go to Page.

I like this sort of thing. Artists being helped out by others in this way. So good on Adam Page, good on Yeastie Boys and good on Meow.

That's my tip for the best gig this week. Get along if you're in town.

And hey, if you're not from Wellington, you don't know Adam Page and you have other ideas about great gigs this week then leave your tips below for the hot tip this week for the best gig to get to. Free space below to pimp your gig if you like.

What's your hot gig tip for the best thing to see this week?

Here's the Facebook event page for Adam Page's Edinburgh Fringe Fundraiser.

And here's an earlier post I wrote about Adam Page moving to Wellington.

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