Heading back to Great Kiwi Albums

You'll remember that just last week I shared the first dozen entries in my series of Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again. I asked you for some suggestions and there were some good ones. Thanks. I'll definitely be using one or two of them and will be adding to that series now that it's all available in the one place.

Remember, I told you these weekly posts started out on the Phantom Billstickers Facebook page - a place that celebrates writing and images, a place where you can win competitions, be in the draw for gig tickets and books, all sorts of things...

After writing about 12 classic albums I either loathed or at least thought were ludicrously overrated I wanted to be a bit more positive; wanted to have a go at writing a series that celebrated great albums rather than trying to take them down. I also wanted to stretch out and away from just the music.

So my next series for the Phantom page was called Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit. In most cases the posts were more about me and my life - how I arrived at the albums, how the albums came to me. New Zealand being the small place that it is I'm talking about artists I've met, in some cases I've gone on to become friends with them.

I chose Kiwi albums to revisit - rather than just any "good" album because so often I'm told off for picking on New Zealand artists and albums. I guess I wanted to show that for 12 weeks in a row I could find something positive to say.

This wasn't at all tricky by the way. The hard part was saying goodbye - temporarily - to this idea after 12 weeks and started my new (current) series; this time it's about celebrating best gigs. All this positivity, hey. Where on earth did it come from?

So, same deal as with the Classic Albums I Can't Ever Listen To Again posts, I've now loaded up the 12 Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit stories to Off The Tracks.

I'll link to them now so that you can check out any of the ones that may interest you. And also because I'm going to ask for suggestions to carry this series on; not because I'm stuck for ideas - I still haven't written about Bressa Creeting Cake or any of The Mutton Birds' albums, Anika Moa's amazing second album or that first Jan Hellriegel record; Headless Chickens and Bailterspace and Superette and King Loser were all on the original list of ideas for the first posts too but somehow they were moved aside as a new memory of an old story surfaced.

No, the reason I'm asking for your suggestions is because there are so many great Kiwi albums to revisit - particularly with summer hinting that it might one day arrive. And so I thought we could share some ideas, again I won't have a story for each album you suggest, might not be interested in them and in some cases I'll need to visit them before I can revisit. We're all in this together of course - it's a team effort. I'm writing, you're reading. We are here to help each other.

So here are the 12 posts so far in the Great Kiwi Albums You Must Revisit series:

1. The Stereo Bus, The Stereo Bus
2. Schnell-Fenster, The Sound of Trees
3. Head Like A Hole, Double Your Strength Improve Your Health And Lengthen Your Life
4. Dave Dobbyn, The Islander
5. Paul Ubana Jones, Paul Ubana Jones
6. The Dead C, The White House
7. Tim Finn, Say It Is So
8. The Dance Eponents, Prayers Be Answered
9. The Phoenix Foundation, Horsepower
10. V/A, Pink Flying Saucers Over The Southern Alps
11. Natalia Mann, Pasif.Ist
12. Alec Bathgate, The Indifferent Velvet Void

Now - your favourites from this list? And your suggestions for what should be on the list from here as I roll out numbers 13, 14 and so on in the next week or so...

What's your pick for a Great Kiwi Album You Must Revisit? And which ones do you think I need to address?

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*Kiwi image to the right designed by Alastair Manning for the Rover Scout Moot.