The wonderful Confection

It's kinda hard to believe I've only had Sebastien Tellier's Confection in my house for a few weeks - the album's a new release but it feels like an old friend. I've been a fan of Sebastien Tellier for a few years now - his Sexuality album got plenty of plays, and still goes on now and then. As does 2006's Sessions. In fact I've only just caught up with last year's My God Is Blue - a pretty terrific record too. But Confection, something of a twist in the tale of Tellier's musical magic, is the one for me. 

Have you heard it?

Here's the stream to an amazing live presentation of the album. You may remember recently I gushed about Tony Allen - and one of the reasons I was so excited about revisiting Allen's music was due to his involvement in Tellier's latest record (the two have worked together in the past). Okay, so ultimately I was a little disappointed with Tony Allen's autobiography but thankfully it didn't put me off the music. Nothing could. The guy is a wizard.

And his involvement in Confection is crucial, but everything about the record screams 'audacious' - well, that's actually not true, it's more of a mellifluous whistle than a scream.

Here's my review of Sebastien Tellier's Confection. Easily one of my albums of the year. Certainly the album I've listened to the most this year - playing it several times a day in fact; something I hardly ever do.

You might not hear in this album what I hear and that's how it so often works. But there's some strange, beautiful, blissful spell around this music. And I've been caught - and captured - by its bold and brilliant sway.

Are you a fan of Sebastien Tellier? Or have you only heard the name and wondered about his music? Have you heard Confection? Or are you interested to give it a go? 

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