James Reid about to release solo album

That headline should - of course - read like a warning. James Reid, he of far too many New Year's Eve gigs at Mt Maunganui as head-croaker and cliché-choker for the feelers - without a doubt The Most Popular Band in New Zealand That Everyone Claims To Hate With A Passion - is about to release his debut solo album. 

Presumably it's the very same one he was paid $50,000 of NZ On Air money for about a decade ago. When I mentioned that in passing to NZ On Air's top dog she asked me who James Reid was. I'd like to think that if I was in charge of an organisation that handed out gift-cards to the value of $50k I'd be taking names, keeping in touch...

No matter. The album is here now. And usually I'm the last to hear things like this - and in this case that would have been preferable. But I had the rare opportunity of being in first, or rather in the first few - I couldn't assume I was the very first to hear this and can only hope (in vain) I will be one of the last.

So here, now, is both preview and review of the album.

James Reid's Saint is out at the end of this week. RUN! 

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