Blur walks from the BDO

So, Blur pulled out of the Big Day Out. Are you sad? Will you be seeking a refund? And are you ready for the fact the replacement act will have all the appeal of a Naked and Famous DJ set, Boh Runga playing solo acoustic or - well - Six60 attempting music? 

I know Blur fans wanted to head along to see them - the last chance (surely) to see a band that meant so much. They last performed in New Zealand when Darcy Clay was alive and kicking, their reunion seemed an unlikely thing, too good to be true.

Here's my theory - Blur are breaking up, the reunion is over. The Big Day Out announcement - Blur pulling the pin, sulking off, leaving the promoters of the event to scramble - is their chance to fad off into the sun (again).

And anyway, did you ever hear that live reunion album Blur released recently? My god it was awful. I get that you could have some fun in the sun chanting along with your favourite hits but really this shouldn't matter one bit - the band had its day and the comeback was probably just a good way for Damon Albarn to a) make some money back after that lavish farewell Gorillaz tour and b) remind old fans that he hadn't disappeared entirely up his own date after releasing an opera and too many boring side-projects, all veges, no meat.

Of course it leaves the Big Day Out stumbling - once again. It leaves people paying close to $200 just to see Pearl Jam - a band that, in theory, should be ideologically opposed to fans spending loads of money to see them at an inflated price. Should be.

But I feel sorry for the Big Day Out - and that might come as a shock to you if you're read this blog before. I've probably seemed keen to put the boot into the party-pills-and-text event, a sort of drunken Schoolies week crammed into one day. Certainly the New Zealand promoter - claiming he had nothing to do with Blur pulling out and wasn't aware this rug was going to be pulled (and he's probably quite right in that claim, I'm sure) - has denied me entry to the event, has in fact now denied me entry to any event he's involved in, I'm simply not allowed to review shows he puts on. He's helping to deny me the living wage as a reviewer. So I should be laughing at this - thinking it's some sort of funny payback. Well, I don't roll like that.

I feel sorry for the Big Day Out that the one act they had hooked up to appeal to the over 35 crowd has pulled the pin. It's a shame for them. And it is a shame for the fans that were going along to hear Blur in 2014. Yes, it would have been better to hear Blur in 1994 or 1998 or whatever - but fans don't always get that chance. So fans stick to what they can get, they pin their hopes to the announcement, they figure they'll get the show from 1995 in 2014; the one they would have liked to see back in the day, or a repeat of the one they did see back in the day.

Blur pulling out at this late stage really stinks.

But it's bigger than the Big Day Out - it's not just a sulk over money and side-shows and conditions. It's because the band is going to call it a day. That's my prediction.

What do you think?

And what do you think of possible replacements? Who do you think could make up for Blur withdrawing from the show? Or were not remotely interested in seeing them anyway so it's no loss to you?

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