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Alright, so Wikipedia tells me Bandcamp has been around since 2008. That I wouldn't have known. I'm not sure when I first heard of it - but probably only a couple of years ago, maybe three years ago...about 2010/ish. I guess. A good platform for releasing music for a lot of people, obviously. You can hock your wares - promote it, set your price and people can sample it. You can even give your music away for free - or tell people to pay what they like. It may be that a person enters in $0.00, thereby taking your music for free. Or they might give you $10.00. Or more.

I don't search Bandcamp looking for music - but I'm sure plenty of people do. A lot of music comes my way as it is, I'm asked to work through plenty of music so I don't really have time to sift my way through sites like Bandcamp. But there's a lot of cheap music options there. (And elsewhere).

Just as there's a bunch of people out there gassing on about the value of music and how we must always pay the price so that everyone gets something from the deal I'm sure there are plenty of people sure that you couldn't possibly get anything that's of actual value for free. Probably the same people. That would make sense. But then, the internet isn't really about making sense - it's more about noise. And sharing. And then over-sharing. More and more noise. And all the time. And everywhere.

And, well, you could say that about free albums on Bandcamp - more and more noise and over-sharing; too much to sift through.

So, I thought that today we could each share one link to a FREE album on Bandcamp that you reckon is worth hearing. And of course it could be hosted on another site, it doesn't have to be at Bandcamp; that just works for my headline's (attempted) joke. You must have been turned onto one really good album for nothing. Maybe it's your album - well consider this another platform for you - a chance to shamelessly plug your efforts. Why not? Go for it.

I'll start the ball rolling with Proteus by Asto Children - this album was handed onto me a couple of weeks ago and I've just settled down with it. Very good. It was worth my time. I reckon it could be worth yours. If not I'll happily refund you the cost of the album.

So, now it's your turn. Your top pick for the best free album from Bandcamp that you've been recommended, that you've discovered yourself or that you're offering yourself (ie: your music).

Postscript: I get sent a lot of emails from people asking me to review their album - they then send a link. This is fine - I may or may not get to it; I'll certainly try. But your chances of the album being heard by me/reviewed are instantly quadrupled if you provide me with a code to access the music for free. It's one thing to ask me to listen to it - quite another to expect me to pay money to hear the whole album away from my computer. Sorry, I'm just old-fashioned that way.

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