Tonight's Square Wave Vinyl Only Party

21:48, Nov 27 2013

I've got a Cabaret Voltaire record in my crate, I've got my favourite Paul McCartney album, a few bits and pieces from Giorgio Moroder and the best/weirdest b-side from Eurythmics. I've got my Detroit techno box-set, a few really obvious big singles (like this) and another I have played in public before but probably shouldn't ever do again (but there it is packed in the crate - so go figure). There are favourite soundtracks and strange collaborations, and as the day goes on I'll change my mind and remove most of these items and replace them, then return some of the things I've mentioned...

You see tonight I'm playing a one-hour set of favourite electronic tracks as part of the Square Wave Festival's Vinyl Only Party. It's on in Wellington tonight at Puppies, starting with a set from festival organiser and Puppies creator Blink at 8pm, then I'll do my hour of fretting (and nothing approaching strutting) on the stage (9-10pm) before handing over to Bill E (he of Atomic and 24 Hour Party People fame and the Hang The DJ gig that will see off the Bath House this New Year's Eve) and finally from 11pm Bevan Smith (Signer, Ruby Suns, Glass Vaults, Involve Records) will close out the evening.

Now I mentioned all of this last month and linked to my first attempt at creating a playlist of some electronic favourites.

But here we are - it's happening. It's tonight. It will hopefully be a whole of fun.

It's double-duty for me tonight too because I have my regular spot playing records at Motel Bar (conveniently located just down the road from Puppies). So I'll start my rounds there a bit later on and be playing through until 3am - easing out of the electronic stable and back towards the funk, soul, jazz and blues I usually throw down there.

And then I'll have to think of something to write about for you all tomorrow...

So a short blog today. Totally just an advert - a plug. But I think tonight's Vinyl Only Party at Puppies could be a lot of fun, should show a very broad range of musical ideas. Be great to see you there.

And now I ask you, cap in hand, for suggestions for tomorrow's blog post. It'll be late and I'll be weary (more so than usual) when I get to sitting down and sharing some thoughts, a topic or two, with you. I'm open to suggestions. What would you like to read about tomorrow?

Oh, and just to take this away from it only being a plug for Square Wave I have to tell you that my new favourite album right now is Spaces by Nils Frahm - wow! - you really must check this out if you haven't already

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