How many best albums of 2013?

20:47, Dec 09 2013

The end of the year is coming - which means the Best of 2013 lists have already started. Last year I couldn't do a Top 10 or even Top 20 - I did a Top 50 albums. This year I could easily do a Top 100. I've seen a few other sites doing Top 100 lists, plenty doing Top 50. It's been a great year for music - but if you add more albums to your Best of The Year list does that actually diminish the power of the list? And before someone charges in to say that music's not a competition and that there's no one best and this is all just opinion let me answer all of that: well, dur!

I'm still catching up on a few great things that were released last year - Icebreaker and BJ Cole's reimagining of Brian Eno's Apollo album, say. Or The Bryan Ferry Orchestra's reworkings of Ferry's catalogue as The Jazz Age - just the latest two and there are more from 2012 for me to get across too.

And still more albums coming in from 2013 - just recently I've really enjoyed the Darkside album and the new Four Tet and I mention them here because, well, that end of the year list is going to be huge.

Or maybe I simply don't bother at all.

So that's what I wanted to ask you today, Blog On The Tracks readers. This is your blog - in as much as you turn up to read it. So how would you like the information put across? What would you like from me in terms of a Best Albums of 2013? A Top 10? 20? 25? 50? 100? Or a Top 37 even? Would you like a list of just a small handful of what I considered the very best? Or would you like me to try to highlight everything I've raved about this year?

It seems a long time ago that I declared Jaga Jazzist's symphony collaboration as the album of the year. That's because - well, it was. So many great albums have happened since then. And yet, that still feels like a very special record to me. Same with Daft Punk's Random Access Memories; at one point a clear frontrunner - but so much has happened since then, so many great albums have been released.

I can give you one clue: my list will not feature the latest Fly My Pretties album. No chance.

But there's every chance it will feature the latest Lord Echo - because you can do the "local supergroup" thing if you do it well...

Anyway, I'm interested to know today what you would like to read in terms of the structure of a Best Albums of 2013 list. And then I'll get it ready for next week. By all means add in your suggestions for the albums you expect to see on the list. Lorde's Pure Heroine no doubt? Arcade Fire too? (Pah!)

But should it be a traditional Top 10 or 20 or 50? Or should I go beyond that? Or do you just really not care for Best of The Year lists?

Postscript: And if anyone thinks I'd struggle to do a Top 50 or Top 100 this year look back to the 2013 Half-Time report. And there have been so many great albums since then...

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