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21:03, Dec 10 2013

I finally got to sit down with the Charles Bradley doco late last week - it's good; pretty good. Makes me look forward to his gig here next year as part of the Arts Festival, at least I think it does...I'm still not really sold on the man as anything great, but I did appreciate hearing a bit more of his story and thought the film was cannily timed. I'd recommend it - whether you're a fan or not.

On high rotate at the moment is the new Hammock album - it's been a great year for me for what I think of as "meditation" albums - this, the Beyond The Edge soundtrack, Lustmord's latest, that one by The Necks, the new Nils Frahm, some Arve Henriksen, a bit of Huntsville, Rhian Sheehan's Stories From Elsewhere, the latest Chris Forsyth, some wonky but lovely old leftovers from Keith Jarrett and I'm probably missing a few out - see what I mean, when I was saying yesterday that the end of the year list is going to be tricky to narrow down...but these are all albums I can sit down with and lose any worries while this soundtracks an hour or so of clear thought, of quiet time (well, close as I get to quiet time; the music's still on, obviously...)

There's a new free-to-download hour-long mix from Nicolas Jaar; it's good - really good...

I've got a few more nights where I'm playing records up at Motel Bar this year (see picture) - this Thursday, next Thursday, and also this Saturday. Then - hopefully - I'll be back there for my regular Thursdays and some other nights next year. So if you're in Wellington stop by sometime - come and say hi. It's a great bar and it's been a blast playing records up there for six and seven hours at a time. They're long sessions, but it's a lot of fun.

The Rolling Stones are playing one New Zealand show next year - I should care, given Mick Taylor is making the trip. But have you heard them recently? They sounded so awful on all of the YouTube clips on their official channel. That said I enjoyed reading Graham Reid's interview with Keef; it's worth your time.

Are you going to see Leonard Cohen next week? Will it be your third time? Or the first time for you? Or are you not interested. I'd kinda like to see it actually - I don't need to see it, I've seen him and enjoyed it. But then you figure that each time will be the last, there's a new album this time, longer sets, some new (old) songs, etc...it's easy to get the urge, to want to scratch that itch. I won't be going though. The promoter says no. No tickets for me to review the show. Not a big deal, but kinda odd I reckon - given they used a quote from my review of the original show to help them sell the Australian gigs in 2009. (It even got a mention on Wikipedia - it wasn't me that added the quote to that page).

Later this week I will be interviewing Shaggy. Here's Boombastic, just, ya know, because...

Belinda Carlisle is playing two New Zealand shows later this week. Ooh baby, do you know what that's worth? About $90, apparently...That's a show I really want to see. What will she be like? Will she fill a room?

Well, that's a few talking points for today. A few things I wanted to mention - none of them worth a blog topic all on their own.

Nothing there grabs you  to talk about today? Well, never mind, there'll be a new post tomorrow.

Hey, and later this week - or early next week - I'll have a fantastic giveaway, a great Christmas present for one lucky reader, I reckon it just might be the best competition/giveaway/prize-deal I've been able to offer here at Blog On The Tracks. So keep reading this week - be in to win.

Oh and that Chris Forsyth album really is fantastic, so worth a listen.

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