Make a new supergroup

22:29, Dec 11 2013

A bit of fun today - well hopefully - I want you to imagine the best supergroup you could come up with. Only stipulation: all the people in your band have to be alive and making music; no comebacks from the dead, or other forms of retirement. But if you want to take Keith Richards away from The Rolling Stones and have him in your band with Dave Grohl well, then, you're allowed to...quite why anyone would want to hear Keef away from the weave of what he and Ronnie (and now, once again, Mick Taylor) do is beyond me. But hey...fill your boots.

I'm curious to see what you come up with because I'm not sure I've heard/heard of a decent supergroup anytime recently. Fad-bands like Them Crooked Vultures don't really count. I remember being mocked for my review of that band and told that the egg was on my face for calling time on such a vital act as their second album was being readied; they were to take on the world and beat it. Own it. Well, I wonder what happened there...

Worse though are the absurdities such as Mick Jagger's bizarre SuperHeavy which was neither super nor heavy and apart from make you laugh it served only to undermine the superb work that Dave Stewart offered as the heavy-lifting half of Eurythmics.

So in a very simple gesture of hoping to get some interaction going I'd like you to share your thoughts on what could make the perfect "Super Group" in this day and age. What would you call them? Who would feature in the band? Why would it (possibly) work? All hypothetical of course. But just a bit of silly fun.

Oh and, vaguely related, if you're in Wellington this weekend and would like a chance to win tickets to see Ricky Boyd's Boomshack Band - always a great night out, I can tell you from past experience(s) - please click this link. Be in to win.

And since I'm doing the plugs it's worth mentioning that the launch of the, erm, fabulous second Lord Echo album is happening in Wellington tomorrow night at Matterhorn. A really great album from a talented musician and also somewhat related to this supergroup theme (kinda).

Now what's your idea/l for a supergroup? How many members? Who are they? What do they play? What's the sound? Why would it work?

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