Win a signed copy of Morrissey's autobiography

00:39, Dec 18 2013

I enjoyed reading this recent Consequence of Sound post picking a Top 10 Music Autobiographies. Not a Top 10 of 2013 - just a Top 10. So there were classic offerings from Miles Davis and Bob Dylan, books I'd probably have on my list too, Patti Smith's Just Kids was there and "Johnny Cash's autobiography, Cash by Johnny Cash" - if it's quoted in High Fidelity it deserves to be on the list...

Pretty good list - better than the ones you usually see, including here when I've tried it and opened it up to all of you, people writing about Scar Tissue like it's some kind of classic. Pah!

But there were some books from this year on the list - Questlove's memoir, which I mentioned just the other day as one of my Top 10 Music Moments from 2013 - and it's been a good year for music memoirs actually. I've got a stack of them on my bedside table still to get through, next up being Graham Nash. But so many good ones. You'll remember I raved recently about Linda Ronstadt's one.

Well that wasn't on the Consequence list but one that was, and it's good timing in a way, the Morrissey one, simply called Autobiography.

Here's my review of Morrissey's book. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it the way I have enjoyed his music - with some nagging and annoying moments, but with some lovely writing, some silliness, some painful earnestness, some over the top bits, some cruel humour. Morrissey's book really sings. Just as he does.

It might seem obvious to say this but you'd really have to be a fan of Morrissey to want to take on his book. And it might test your patience at times but I think the fans would understand that; would probably want that.

Now, Christmas is coming - it's almost here. And recently I mentioned that I had a fantastic competition, a great prize, a special giveaway. Well it wasn't (just) yesterday's tickets to City and Colour, no, the real prize is a copy of Morrissey's Autobiography signed by the man himself.

A great Christmas present for the Morrissey fan in your life - if that's not in fact already you.

So to be in with a chance to win check out the review of the book and leave your comment there - and I'll pick a winner, announcing it over at Off The Tracks on that post on Friday. This Friday.

I want to thank Penguin NZ for the very cool gift - a super prize I reckon.

Now, what do you think of that Consequence of Sound list? I've read all of the books they've picked and though they're all really good that wouldn't - quite - be my Top 10 list. I'd have to include Bob Geldof's autobiography and Chet Baker's memoir. For they are two of the music autobiographies I've returned to, reading them right through a second time. Three times with the Chet book in fact.

So what about you? What would be on your Top 10 list? What's your top recommendation? And have you read the Morrissey book? Did you like it? And if you want to be in to win a signed copy head on over to that review on Off The Tracks.

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