Off The Tracks presents The Great Kiwi BBQ Soundtrack

20:39, Dec 18 2013

I mentioned, briefly, as part of my Great Music Moments of 2013 the chance to put on a few DJ evenings. Well I've got one more planned for the end of 2013 - a pre-NYE event if you like. It's called The Great Kiwi BBQ Soundtrack and it'll take place at the San Francisco Bath House in Wellington, Saturday, December 28.

The idea for the evening - and the timing of the evening - is to create a fun night out in the middle of Christmas and New Year's. You've had two days in with your family, maybe even three - and you're all tapped; you've run out of conversation, you need a change of scene. There aren't many bars open, it's almost a ghost-town but you still crave the idea of going out for a pint, maybe hear some tunes too...

So come on down to the Bath House (Wellington people) and enjoy a few classic (and kitsch) Kiwi tunes. I'm going to play all New Zealand music - all night. All sorts. Jazz, reggae, hip-hop, rock and pop. I'll have my reissue of Shihad's Churn and the most recent Beastwars album; I'll have my copy of one of my all time favourite records by anyone ever (that also happens to be by a New Zealander; bonus in this instance). I'll have new albums from Lawrence Arabia and also The Phoenix Foundation. I'll have a classic from Herbs, and I could even play something from Fat Freddy's Drop.

The evening kicks off from 7pm and will roll through until the early hours - four or five albums of great Kiwi music - some really great moments you've possibly forgotten about like that first - wonderful - Dance Exponents album or something from this gorgeous album by Mike Nock.

I'll certainly be playing something - or some things from the great Lord Echo album, recently released.

There'll be a BBQ running until 10pm and if you buy a beer you'll get a free sausage. How's that? Not bad I reckon.

So that's the plan. Should be a bit of fun eh. Won't silence all those critics of mine convinced I hate New Zealand music though - you can hardly ever catch them in the real world. Especially when it's holidays, troll comment-makers don't work the stats or weekends either. Oh well.

Hey, so that's the news anyway. And here's the Facebook event page if you want to sign up. Sharing a few classic clips and old pieces of writing there.

And I thought we could start a playlist today - a Great Kiwi BBQ Soundtrack. So what would you play if you were running this thing - what (NZ only) music would be the soundtrack to your great Kiwi BBQ?

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