Any music related gifts?

How was your Christmas? Any music-related gifts? New instruments or stereo equipment? Records or CDs? I scored an Amazon voucher which means new music biographies for the Kindle. And a Unity Books voucher (great shop!) which means another music book. Or two. Fabulous.

I'm still catching up with great music from earlier this year, and will be running new reviews over at Off The Tracks across the summer. Most recently the Jon Hopkins album, Immunity. A fantastic record - one I've been playing for quite a while, but only just got around to writing up. Also the Bobby Whitlock reissue is worth your time I reckon. So if you too received an Amazon voucher - or iTunes credits or an old-fashioned music-store voucher you might like to try either of those.

I've just scored some of the Flying Nun reissues - albums by Skeptics and The Verlaines, very happy about that and good timing given tonight I'm doing a DJ set at San Fran Bath House and, well, I'm playing some's The Great Kiwi BBQ Soundtrack, a bit of fun I reckon. So, I'll be playing all sorts of New Zealand music - not just the obvious choices. I'll be playing old and new. Kitsch and classic, sometimes both of those things at once.

And the idea is to create a space where people might want to head up for a drink, a sausage in bread, a bit of a natter, and to hear some old (and new?) favourites. It seems like a thing to do between Christmas and New Year's. For more information go here

And if you're back at work today I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you have some good music going through the headphones. And hey, at least it's Friday...

What are you looking forward to gig-wise between now and the New Year's celebrations? And hot tips for gigs going on?

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