Go see Band of Thousands tonight

01:36, Jan 04 2014

Okay, so it's a message for Wellington people today, particularly - you're lucky, Band of Thousands is playing at Meow tonight. It's $5, doors are from 9pm, there's a DJ set to start and then the band hits the stage around 10.30. The band is a duo featuring Adam Page (saxophone, vocal loops and beatboxing, keys/keyboard bass) and Riki Gooch (drums). These are two of the finest musicians living and working in this city. Two players you can watch in a variety of contexts and always come away jaw-having-dropped, door to new musical world having been opened for you.

Here's a clip of Band of Thousands doing their thing at Womad a couple of years ago.

I was lucky to see the duo's first Wellington performance at Meow; one of the best gigs I've seen at Meow (in fact, surely the best) and one of the best nights I've had watching live music in some time. I wasn't even going to go, I was looking for an excuse, I was tired, it was cold, the usual end of the week sort of thing...but I felt the pull of the music anyway. And so I went, and it was amazing and I wrote a wee bit about it, tried to put the sound and my response to that sound into words (occupational hazard).

But here's a track (free download) from that performance. So let that tell you all you (really) need to know.

Tonight's performance is the first Band of Thousands gig in some time - and it'll be the last for a while too. So if you're in town you have to get along to it. They're such great players and the music they make moves through you - they work from the energy of the audience, you feel a surge from the crowd and it's reflected in the playing as improvised shapes of funk and jazz and rock and various world musics fly in all directions. It's going to be a superb show. I'm sure of it.

Fans of Adam Page might also like to check out his recent guest post where he shares five albums he's digging at the moment. Some top tips and picks there - some free downloads for you to pick up on, some cool albums discussed...old and new.

And, hey, welcome to 2014. I've not really taken a holiday this summer, I've been trickling in the work over at Off The Tracks, loading something up each day. I've been here every day apartfrom the stats too but the blogging year, for real, begins for me on Monday. Back to it. back to work.Back to reality. So what do you want to see covered on Blog On The Tracks in 2014. Feel free to leave suggestions below. And any thoughts on Page, Gooch and Band of Thousands? Anyoneseen them before? Keen to head long tonight? It'll be well worth it. Might see you there.

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