Please bring Suzanne Vega to NZ

Coming up on a couple of years ago now I wrote about Suzanne Vega, linking to many of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists. I talked about how I'd been a fan for so many years, how one album of hers in particular would always be in any Desert Island Discs list for me (with some strong competition from at least one more Vega album). And I mentioned her collection of poems, lyrics and prose - one of my all time favourite books.

I'm a Suzanne Vega fan.

Some days I'm sure she's my favourite songwriter. She's always high on the list.

I've never seen her perform live. I remember she played in the mid-90s and I can remember reading the review after her appearance, she introduced Neil Finn to the stage and performed Crowded House songs with him. By all accounts it was a terrific show. I kick myself about missing that. But I was still in high school and it just wasn't an option to travel for the gig. Oh, but I wanted to. I really wanted to.

With each album since then - including the two that I consider to be her best efforts - I've hoped, naively, idealistically, for a New Zealand tour. I would travel to Auckland to see her.

So then I see, just the other day, that she has Australian shows lined up for April of this year.

And I'm thinking of how great this is, how we might get a NZ show - or two - out of this. She's so close, it could finally happen. The return to New Zealand: Suzanne Vega.

Then I start thinking about how I could put a word in here and there - well actually here, obviously. (I'm doing that now).  I don't have a lot of luck with promoters these days, they're not open to my calls, I'm often not welcome at their shows, the reviewer/promoter relationship is fraught a lot of the time - for me it's non-existent. Blunt emails, often no replies.

But if anyone is reading this - Gareth Morgan, say or any of the current promoters in New Zealand, it would make my 2014 to see Suzanne Vega. She has a new album due next month, her first in some time. She's rerecorded highlights from her catalogue in stripped-down acoustic arrangements across four themed albums over the last few years. They're gorgeous records. So it's surely a great time to see and hear her live.

That would be my dream, music-wise, for this year. To have Suzanne Vega perform in New Zealand. I'd love to see that show.

Would you?

Are you a fan?

And if not Suzanne Vega what artist would be on your wish-list for a New Zealand visit in 2014? Who would you love to see that you've never seen before? If you could name one act, still alive, still working that you would love to see above all others who would it be?

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