Lorde fans want it both ways

21:29, Jan 13 2014

I'm probably not allowed to be seen as defending Lorde but I'm going to give it a go right here. Right now. You see it was absolutely ludicrous to read about Lorde fans upset with her ticket prices for the upcoming "replacement" show in Auckland. Lorde has pulled out of the Laneway Festival due to being nominated for several Grammy awards and performing at the Grammy ceremony. I'm not a fan of her music - but good on her for the achievement. I'm not actually a fan of the Grammy awards, they mean nothing to me, but they're still some mark of, well, if not excellence than achievement

It's now $69 plus a $2 booking fee to see Lorde a couple of days after the Grammy awards - she's flying straight back to honour her Kiwi fans - and she had to take to Twitter to defend the price; pointing out - most obviously - that she doesn't set the price of the ticket, she doesn't decide how much the show will cost.

What bugged me about this was that sad old Kiwi attitude - hints of ownership too. So, you see, it's fine for every 16 and 17 year old female and every 50-60 year old male (her fan base, apparently) to talk about her as if the second coming; to decide she's about the most important thing in pop music right now - but when it comes to paying for the privilege of seeing a star now drenched in international hype and accolades the fans still want to pay mates rates: $25 or $50, something like that. Because, the subtext suggests, we made you.

You can't have it both ways.

You want Lorde to be considered an international pop star - she is, at any rate - you pay for it.

You want her to charge $25 for a ticket to a gig, you're dreaming. Especially now with all the minders and backgrounders coming on in to clip the ticket.


Of course I'm not allowed to comment. I've already had my say. I reviewed the hype, rather than EP (chiefly because it was hard to hear any music above the shrieking of middle-aged men and Lorde's school friends) and then by the time I did consider the album, which has at least one quite good song on it and one big hit (whether you like it or not) I was forever the Lorde bully.

I'm fine with that.

But I think the real bullies here are these know-all fans that want anything for nothing, many of them probably not even paying for the album in the first place - so surely as that great show of support they could at the least fork out for a ticket.

But New Zealand's funny like that.

Now Lorde will be seen as the big-head who got too big for the country, forgot about her roots man. Didn't figure that Mr and Ms Entitled of Torn-up Town expect only the best for precisely what they are willing to pay.

They'll never be loyal. Well, not at "international" prices.

Postscript: Anyone else think $69 for a show is pretty cheap, by the way? Or at least not over the top by any stretch? I mean, I'm utterly unconvinced that Lorde is any sort of decent live act, the arthritic hand gestures, the Wednesday Addams pout, the go-nowhere fake-moodiness of the songs, the brittle stage craft, hey but that's not the point. If I was a fan I'd be happy to pay $70 to see an act I really liked, really wanted to see...