The best gigs I've ever seen - all 12 of 'em...

There'll be a few people at The Big Day Out today, of course I've already seen it - and given yesterday's post, and my whinging earlier in the week about not wanting to see Bruce Springsteen you could say it's been a bit of a theme of the week. Me whining about gigs I don't want to see. In fact, when someone pointed out in the comments yesterday that I'd blogged two days in a row about gigs I didn't want to go to (I am still learning on this job, didn't know there were rules about what I can and can't do) I had to correct them and point out that it was three posts in arow in fact. Because, much as I was defending her, kinda, I really have no interest in seeing Lorde perform live

So, three sets of shows I don't want to go to - I better start talking about things I actually do want to see, or things I've seen and loved already. I mean, crikey, I'm running the risk of beingthought of as, well, a wee bit negative...

Towards the end of last year I told you all about the classic albums I could no longer listen to - one of my sets of posts I write up as a weekly segment on the Phantom Billstickers Facebook page. I write a Friday post for the Phantom crew, changing the subject - or theme - every 12 weeks. Once they've had their day there I add them to Off The Tracks.

Perfect timing then to share with you this week the second to most recent series of posts I wrote for Phantom - it wrapped up just in time for the very end of 2013. My new series started three weeks ago now, it's called It Was The Worst - and is a wee vent about situations that are the worst, bad albums and gigs, bad ideas within music.

But before I got on that hobby-horse I was busy celebrating the best gigs I've ever been to.

So many great gigs - it was really hard to write about just 12, but in trying to think back to special shows, and the unique situations in my life at the time, I found a few pretty cool shows (and moments) to write about.

So I'll share them here now - and as with the Classic Albums I Can't Listen To Again and all the other posts I've done in these groupings I will probably look to add to the file with time. There'll be a number 13 and a number 14 and so on. But for now here are the best 12 shows I've seen. All different things - all for different reasons. Some of the time it wasn't even (so much) to do with the actual music on the stage, more the events leading up to it. Or the special place in my life, first gigs, first gigs in other cities, first gigs you go to on your own - away from the parents - those sorts of things.

Be sure to share your all-time favourite gigs below.

Right, here's my list so far - from the series I called It Was The Best Gig Ever:

1. Eric Clapton, Auckland, 1990: the very first big-name international act I saw; right at the peak of my time as a fan of Clapton too.

2. Bailterspace, 1995-2000:
I couldn't name just one time, there were a bunch of times, all within a timeframe of a few years there when I was a student. Always amazing.

3. Faith No More, Wellington, 1993: I saw the band three times, but that first time, wow!

4. Stephane Grappelli, Wellington, 1997: who says you can't see one of the world's great players, a true hero, a piece of history, and get all smashed up on booze like a total idiot? Not me.

5. Ween, Wellington, 2008: one of my favourite bands, one of the best shows, and I didn't even see (quite) the whole thing...

6. Cassandra Wilson, Wellington, 2013: easily the best show I saw last year - well, actually first-equal with another that's also on this best-ever list. But wow. What a performer!

7. George Benson, Wellington, 2004: I got to interview him one time and have seen him another time since - you know he might even have been better the second time but something really special happened at this gig.

8. Melvins opening for Tool, Wellington, 2002: f**k Tool - this was a Melvins show!

9. Beck, Wellington, 1998: I've had a few best days in my life - the birth of a son, getting married to the best person in the world. The day when, among so many things, I (also) saw a Beck gig...

10. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Wellington, 2005: just a great, great show.

11. Kraftwerk, Sydney, 2013: I saw them twice in one night, but it was the Autobahn show that was the one. What an experience!

12. K-Ci & JoJo, Wellington, 2011: So bad it was...erm, The Best Gig Ever? Well, I kinda like when things get super-awkward, if you didn't know that about me already...

So that's my twelve best ever gigs so far. What would you add to the list? Any suggestions for future posts?

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