Ask Me Anything: 2014 Edition

Call me stupid, call me a sadist - or just sad - in fact many of you would probably be quite proud of yourselves to call me fat and grumpy and just be done with it, under your fake name and all, but for whatever reason/s I'm still here - still committed to blogging/should be committed for blogging.

And so, as part of the process, over the last couple of years I've offered up a space once a year for you to ask my anything. In fact last year that's exactly what I called the post. So I'm using that title again - even if it is a well-known form and function of Reddit. Same idea, pretty much - except of course I'd like you to keep it music-related, music-focussed. As that's always the aim here.

To keep the blog going I need to feed the blog. That's where you come in. Some of you will have followed this from day one, or at least day 300, that's still early on in the days of Blog On The Tracks. Others might have just tuned in this year, or last year, or since day 900...perhaps you've had something you've wanted to ask but it's never fit with the topic of the day. (That won't stop some of you).

So if you'd like to ask why I've never covered a particular artist - or you want to know just what I (thought I) was thinking when I wrote about a particular topic (dangerous) - this is the time for that. You can ask when the post about Fleetwood Mac or Paul Simon is coming - since they never seem to get mentioned. You can ask why I hardly ever talk about Lorde. As you'll see in last year's post (if you're new to this, or missed that one at the time) I did my best to answer each question in the comments, underneath each question. And I'll do my best once again to honour that intention, to answer your questions.

It's a one-time offer for each year, and this is your chance for 2014 to ask me anything.

Leave your questions in the comments below and I'll get to answering...

And since it's a short post today I'll post a link to what I think is the best piece of writing I've ever posted over at Off The Tracks. I can say that because it's not my work. Irish writer Darran Anderson recently offered a Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now guest post, superb choices and great writing about those albums. It's worth your time. As is his book about Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire de Melody Nelson album from the 33 1/3 series.

Right, after you've gone through those links it's Q and A time...

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