Coffin music

20:59, Jan 23 2014

So the story's been around for a bit, keeps coming back it seems - I caught up with it when it was reposted just the other day - you can buy a coffin that streams music to your dead friend or relative. And it's only $30,000. Bargain. No wonder they've been selling like they're going to go out of fashion - apparently there's a business in streaming music to loved ones after they've gone.

I'm not sure I've heard of anything much sillier.

But, it was suggested I put together a playlist of the best songs for streaming to loved ones no longer with us - and so I thought for a Friday bit of fun we could work on this together. You make the suggestions below and I'll compile the best suggestions into a playlist.

Let me kick it off with Paul Simon's My Little Town - a favourite for whenever I'm back in Hawke's Bay of course.

Right, what's next? What would you have on a playlist of "coffin music"? What song would you like to have playing in the coffin you spent $30,000 on for a friend or loved one?

That's it for today. I'll still be over at yesterday's post answering questions as best I can. And also, here's a belated review for my new favourite singer/songwriter. Check it out. Amazing album. One of my new/recent favourites.

Now for those coffin songs...what's your pick?

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