The son of the return of Purple Reign

You'll remember last year I threatened to play a bunch of Prince songs all in a row - and then I did exactly that (here's the full setlist from that night)

Well, there was some talk at the time, goofing off just a bit, about returning to that theme - doing another Prince night. Recently a few people have asked about it - including a challenge to see if I can do another five or six hour set without repeating a single song from that original setlist. You know I probably could, if there was ever an artist where you could make that promise it's Prince - but I'm not sure I'd want to. Those kick-ass tunes from Dirty Mind and Controversy and the Batman soundtrack and the one just called 'Prince' but of course there are other great songs on all of those albums - and all of the other records - that I didn't play. Still, I reckon I'd have to play Erotic City again (one of the best B-sides by anyone) and of course there'd be requests for key songs. But you play them in a different space, at another time, in a different order, it all takes on the shape and feel of a whole new set anyway.

And I could certainly promise to play mostly new songs, mostly things I didn't play last time.

You can certainly promise that with Prince. So much music; so many really great tunes. In fact I didn't play a lot of my personal favourites last time. I meant to, I guess. It just didn't quite pan out that way in the end.

So, I'm wondering if it's time to bring back the Purple Reign Prince tribute DJ set. Heck, last time the Facebook event page was enough fun. Everyone was right into the spirit of it.

Two questions then - if I book it will you come?

And if not Prince what DJ night would you like to attend where it's just the work of all one artist? I owe you lot a Talking Heads night. I'm aware of that. And still keen for that one. Also, possibly a Stevie Wonder night. But is there anything else you'd like to have? And would you be up for another dose of purple first?

Postscript: Friday's blog post called for your suggestions for Coffin Songs. Well, here's the playlist based on your suggestions. Thanks all for playing along...

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