You make next week's clickbait

20:33, Feb 11 2014

A couple of years ago I asked you all to write the headlines for my deadlines. It was a bit of fun, something different in the life of this blog - and so we did it again last year. I quite like this challenge, it's no time off for me - sometimes it makes the post for the day harder to write. But that's part of the point of it, the challenge.

So to explain, particularly for those new to the blog, and/or those not interested in clicking on the links above, I'm asking you to come up with the topic, and to present it in the form of a headline. We'll pick five - and those will be next week's blog posts. So if you are wondering why Blog On The Tracks has never written about your favourite band - and your favourite band happens to be, I dunno, Go West, you might write a headline like "The best of Go West" or "Go West: discussing an underrated band".

This isn't a set-up by the way, I'm not angling to write about Go West.

If you want to see a discussion about the best music biographies you will shape a headline to suit that topic. If you want to try and trap me you might try to pick something and get me to argue for it when you're sure I'm against it - or vice versa. This can of course backfire on you. More likely it can totally stump me and lead to a night up late desperately thinking of a way to fill in some words (not unlike last night).

With the vote-up/vote-down buttons you will also get a say in what headlines/topics are picked. You'll get to click the green thumbs up to boost a suggestion you like. We'll count up and pick the five topics with the highest thumbs-up count. And that'll be next week's topics.

I'll announce them all on Friday, and the order they'll run - so you can do your research early, come prepared. You can also know in advance which topic/s you might want to sit out.

If you want to create a clickbait headline be my guest. Of course I could turn that headline into clickbait if I choose to interpret the topic a certain way.

I'm not likely to do that - it never does me favours when I try to protest my innocence but I really don't think clickbait-headlines are my style. I try to keep it pretty simple here. Let the words speak, let the topic announce itself - sometimes it never does...

So you're supplying next week's blog-topics. Kinda. I still have to do the writing, and can - possibly - interpret your suggestion/topic-title in a particular way. Which may, in the end, be different to what you were expecting/hoping.

But a chance to have your input ahead of the discussion - you in fact will be helping to frame the day's diatribe or dialogue.

So, your headlines below please - for my deadlines next week. I need five topic headers. And I need them now - so that we can find out the five winning suggestions by Friday. And get voting too. The five topics with the most green thumbs will be next week's topics here at Blog On The Tracks.

Oh, and since I mentioned it on Monday I really did love seeing The Clean the other night at Puppies; here's my review.

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