The clickbait ruined

21:53, Feb 16 2014

Okay, today was to be the first in a series of five posts this week where the headline - or at least the subject/central theme - was predetermined. You all had the chance last week to decide the 'clickbait' for this week's blog posts. I asked you all to make suggestions and then vote for the best - the comments with the most green thumbs were to be the winners, ranked 1-5 and would dictate my week's writing. A wee bit of harmless fun, I figured. We've done it before.

So what's the deal? Why is this not one of those posts?

Well there will be no wee bit of harmless fun this week, I'll think up my own headlines and themes and won't be able to use any of last week's suggestions. You see someone decided to sabotage that by levelling out all of the comments. If you go to last week's post (again) you'll see all of the comments sitting at zero for both red and green thumbs, no winners, no votes. It's a flawed system, basically if someone wants to manipulate it by getting the count on each comment to an equal amount of thumbs up and thumbs down it will neutralise - the comment count returns to zero.

So someone decided - under their fake name, no doubt, or multiple fake names even - to have their own fun by ruining everyone else's.

If, today, I sound a bit like the boy who had his ball kicked far away off into the distance - well so be it. That's how it is.

We miss out on what was only ever intended to be a little gimmick, a way of changing the flow of the blog for the week. So instead today you get this in place of discussion of Iva Davies or Ray Davies or The Cult of The Dancefloor DJ or Go West or whatever. Those wee green thumbs have all gone west. So no deal, unfortunately.

I'm aware that this is not in any way an exciting blog post. It's a bit of a grumble I guess. But I reckon it deserves to be called out that someone spoiled the game. It wasn't me. It wasn't anyone working at Stuff. It was someone here, a reader, who decided to be a killjoy. Well, no doubt today they're feeling well-pleased. High-fiving themselves in congratulation.  

So instead, after today, it'll be business as usual - I'll go back to posting about music with my own ideas and headlines. And we won't play this game again.

Since I probably owe you some reading today, I will  share that the new Breaks Co-Op album is among the worst things I've ever heard. Ever.

And the new Sharon Jones album was a nice surprise, far more vital than previous album she's released.

Also The Chills' recent live album is a wee bit pointless, if well meaning; a nice reminder of a bunch of great songs, but with a New Chills-as-Cover-Band set of versions of them.

And also - over at Off The Tracks - I've started posting weekly musings from Jim Wilson. Read his A Tinker's Cuss posts if you like good writing. There are five in the series so far, so click here for posts one, two, three, four and five. And every Saturday morning a new entry into the series will be added. I think they're great snapshots. Worth your time.

Sorry, again, about today's bum news.

And thanks, sincerely, to those of you who played along in good spirit last week. Cheers for suggestions and enthusiasm and the spirit of community to be part of this blog, rather than apart from it; in constant opposition to the blog's existence.

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