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Do you remember back in 2007 there was a petition to bring The Cure to New Zealand? And it worked! Yeah, sure, the band had been here before - but they weren't intending on visiting New Zealand in 2007. Alistair Ross has to be one of the most passionate fans of The Cure in New Zealand. Here's a picture of him meeting Robert Smith - the petition he pushed and promoted meant The Cure added an NZ date to their Australian tour.

There's news again that The Cure is looking to release a new album - and then more shows about the place. This means - once again - there's a petition to bring the band to New Zealand. It needs signatures - yours. Well, if you're in support of this; if you're one of the people who would like to see the band once again. You might have missed the 2007 show - or even the news that a show by The Cure took place in New Zealand in 2007. All the more reason to want to see them in 2014...or you might want to forward this on to any Cure fans you know.

I'm a fan of The Cure - you'll know that from reading this blog last year I shared a selection of my favourites here in preparation of a DJ night where I played the music of The Cure for some five hours. Here's the full setlist, I even made up a Spotify playlist after.

During the build up to that I watched the Trilogy live DVD again, I love that show. Well for the new tour Smith has teased that a new album trilogy will form the basis of the show: this time it's The Top, Head On The Door and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. That would be quite fun, I think. I'd like to see that show. They're great albums - I was even newly sold on The Top in preparation for last year's DJ night.

Also, I picked up a signed copy of remix album, Mixed Up; I love that record - I couldn't tell you that I'm any sort of purist. I like a lot of the remixes too.

Anyway, that's all largely unneeded in this discussion. The point today is to share the link to the petition. And to wish the fans luck. I like hearing about passionate fans being proactive - I like this story because it would be kinda cool to see a repeat-effort: petition leading to the band announcing a New Zealand show. Even multiple New Zealand shows...

And if you're a regular reader you might remember the name Alistair Ross from the time he won a guest-blog spot here and tried to argue that Disintegration was/is "the best album ever!" A sure sign he's a madly passionate Cure fan.

There are more people behind this too; people pushing this cause, people hoping to see their favourite band. April sees Christchurch band Permanence, playing the music of Joy Division at Wellington's Bodega, the opening act is a Cure covers band, Splintered In Her Head. Copies of the petition will be available there on the night to take away (April 5). Or remember you can click here to sign up and also get on board here with the Facebook page.

So are you a fan of The Cure? Enough to want to sign up to help in the hope of a New Zealand show in 2014/15? Have you seen the band perform before? Would you like to see them play again? And what do you think of the proposed Top/Head/Kiss trilogy?

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Bring The Cure To NZ in 2014