New Flag? New Anthem!

So, remember, the other week I asked you all to pick the headlines/topics and then I had to deliver the news that the gimmick had been hacked, no deal. Well a few of you suggested I go ahead with some of the topics anyway. And then I also received a message from someone telling me I shouldn't be so concerned with not repeating blog-topics. Time passes. Readers move on. And then return. New readers arrive. Old ideas can be re-circulated.

One of the strong contenders in the pick a topic deal was to discuss ideas for new national anthem. There's an election-year distraction around the idea of a new flag - and more than one person suggested/backed up that if we're going to have a new flag we should probably get a new anthem to go with it. If it's a black flag (with the silver fern) perhaps we could change the anthem to AC/DC's Back in Black - it would be quite fun to steal something from the Aussies for a change, right?

In ditching the Union Jack we'd be making a statement of independence so we could use Lorde's Grammy winning/Brit Award winning Royals. There's just time, I believe, before the backlash.

But seriously, what would you pick as our new anthem?

You see I did write about this very topic, but that was nearly four years ago.

It's funny, not a lot changes in my world obviously. I was thinking of telling you all this time that I'd still like to hear Sonny Day's Saving Up as the anthem. I chatted on National Radio's Matinee Idle as part of their Waitangi Day show, and played Saving Up. That's probably why I've been thinking - again - about that song. But, there in my post from nearly four years ago I mention Saving Up.

I was also thinking when watching The Clean play recently about the idea of Tally Ho as our new anthem. And then I see my final words of 2010's post on the subject are Tally and Ho. So...

Something from the recent Thrill Collins EP might please a few - there are a couple of options, a song called John Key and they've even written one called The National Anthem.

Perhaps my new vote would go for that, The National Anthem as our new national anthem.

But maybe you're still thinking back to those "anthems" written by Dave Dobbyn, Neil and Tim Finn, Jordan Luck, Graham Brazier and Dave McArtney - all those classics...geez, someone should write a book about 'em all...

Anyway, there's your starter for today - a silly hypothetical to make you momentarily forget about starting work for another week.

Along with the discussion of a new flag what new national anthem would you introduce?

Postscript: Speaking of anthems, but not national ones, for those that care here's the setlist from my first night back behind the decks at Motel, last Friday. I had a lot of fun. A few new songs for me and a lot of old favourites. Had a nice chat to a couple of blog-readers too. Cheers.

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