Off The Tracks presents Purple Reign 2

01:41, Mar 31 2014

It's actually going to happen - Purple Reign 2: Let's Go Crazy is all booked for Thursday, April 10 at Mighty Mighty in Wellington

I wrote recently about the idea of doing a second Prince DJ set and I thought I'd give you plenty of notice (or warning - as the case may be). It's gonna be a beautiful night, nothing but Prince for four hours, maybe five - if there's enough interest. And Mighty should also provide a great dance-floor experience for anyone who wants to have a boogie. And with a night of tunes by Prince it would be irresistible, surely.

Last year (August) was the first Purple Reign evening - and though I certainly won't be repeating that exact set-list (see here for the tunes I played last time) I'll have to revisit some of those anthems. So many of those big hits are just too good to not play. But there's certainly enough material to play another whole night without repeats. I'll be aiming for other album cuts, for more b-sides, and of course there's some brand new material slowly trickling into place from Prince.

It seems a good time to celebrate the Purple One - there's news of his recent four-hour set at a surprise gig. There have been reports of jaw-dropping moments during his current run of pop-up shows across England and America. There's even - occasionally - some footage to be glimpsed, some audio to be heard. Then, as always, it disappears. Prince seems to change his opinion on the internet and its worth at least once a week.

In preparing for this second serving of Prince tunes I'm promising to dedicate myself to the Matt Thorne-written Prince biography which, by all accounts, is the bible for Prince trainspotters. I had to give it a rest for a few months. Last year I read Toure's slim volume that deals with unpacking the concept of Prince as a pop star; his magic. It's really a wonderful book, an amazing piece of writing, particularly given  its brevity. An inspired piece of journalism from a talented writer, and something any Prince fan should read. Thorne's book, as I understand it, and from the little of it I have experienced, is not for every Prince fan - it's so concerned with documenting the bootlegs and the recording sessions, accounting for almost every performance and certainly any moment of booked studio time. That sort of thing is catnip to a certain kind of fan and just tiring for a lot of readers.

Every time I go back to Prince - I have an iPod with some 50 albums or so, some bootlegs, various compilations and singles, all of the original albums - I find something new, I find a new way in, a new aspect to appreciate. Most recently it's been thinking about Prince - the lyricist. This comes on the back of reading Toure's book - and my own listening to the early albums, such as Controversy.

So, Thursday, April 10 (9pm-1am) at Mighty Mighty it'll be a case of the big hits from Prince, the obscurities too - whatever I can find, whatever I have, whatever I feel like playing on the night. Mighty's well set-up, if you want to park it and have a drink, listen to some tunes while you're at it, you can do that. If you want to cut some dancefloor shapes you can do that too.

Might see you there.

Oh, and there's a Facebook event page too - a bit of fun, will be sharing pictures and reviews old and new, interviews, news stories and essays from the archives, whatever I can find that's Prince-related.

Off The Tracks presents Purple Reign 2: Let's Go Crazy - The Music of Prince: DJ Set.

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