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00:35, Mar 31 2014

It was the happiest news. I was filled with a joy - instantly. One I can't really begin to explain. But right across Friday night and from there most of the weekend I'd catch myself in a smile, a quiet moment. And warm fuzzies - or whatever. You see Kate Bush is going to perform a series of shows in London later this year. Big news anyway, but big-big news considering it's her first tour in 35 years.

I love Kate Bush.

I love her music.

It's been part of my life for as long as I can remember. If I have to pick a favourite album it's going to be Hounds of Love but why pick just one. When I heard the news, I grabbed The Dreaming, gave that a whirl. To me that's also a very special album - the end of an amazing run, four albums in four years, the artist still so young. And in that time she'd taken full control, conceptually, production-wise, the writing so mature, so many ideas. The performances exquisite.

I loved the most recent album, 50 Words For Snow. Still listen to that a lot. Back in 2005 when she released Aerial I went on a big kick, going back to all the early albums - not that they were ever far from me. I also took a lot from The Director's Cut album - it seemed to prepare us all for 50 Words and it had me going back to the "forgotten" albums; the couple that weren't quite up there with Hounds and everything that came before that.

Hey, here's the thing - I have no chance of seeing Kate Bush live later this year in London. Not a scrap of a chance...I've never been to England. And I have no money. So there is no chance. It wasn't even one of those split-second I wish moments at all. I don't buy Lotto tickets. As news of Kate Bush's tour announcement started to spread, more and more Facebook friends and Twitter types sharing the news, my heart swelled with...pride I guess. With a strange contentment. I just felt really happy - happy for anyone and everyone that will get to see the shows. Happy about the fact that his was happening. Happy for Kate Bush. She must be happy in herself to be doing this.

Every few months there's talk of hope and hype around reunions from the likes of ABBA and The Smiths and Led Zeppelin and then the dismissals, the talk of how it could never actually happen.

None of that means anything - none of that has ever meant anything to me.

No one could have predicted they might get to see Kate Bush perform live - certainly not anytime after about 1987.

But I don't worry that it should be the Kate Bush of 10 or 20 years ago; of longer - the Kate Bush of '79 or '85 - or anywhere in-between those years, the years when she created a phenomenal run; some of the most amazing and enduring pop music of my life. I'd take the Kate Bush of right now. Sure. But I won't get that chance. And that's okay.

Someone will.

Several people will.

Thousands will get to see these shows. And they'll probably now - already - be worrying around setlists, wondering how much of the wonderful Lionheart might be represented and could she possibly sound like she did way back on The Kick Inside - a record that still sounds so good when you hear it now; that still sounds better than the handfuls of albums  it has influenced in recent years. And will Never For Ever even get a look in, because that's got some good stuff on it? 

Or will it be all Aerial/Director's Cut/50 Words - to suit her current voice? Will it be Hounds of Love in its entirety?

Throughout the weekend I thought, often, of the announcement of Kate Bush shows - I thought about all the people that would get to see these shows, their frenzy, the panic in hoping to get a ticket - the speed of the sell-through of those tickets; the worry around what would and wouldn't be played.

I never once felt jealous, or bitter, or so deeply envious of the situation. I never cursed living inNew Zealand or being so stupidly, brutally broke as to never ever be able to just - on a whim - afford some sort of trip, even just to sit outside one of the venues...

I just felt so happy thinking about this - a genuine surprise it was too. You never ever expected news that Kate Bush would play a show ever again. It seems all the more special that - in the scheme of things - just a lucky few will get to take in these shows.

Here's the amazing tour documentary featurette from Kate Bush's 1979 tour.

Here's a full Kate Bush documentary with live footage from that tour, released the following year, 1980.

And, somewhat embarrassing, but just to show I can be a moisty-palmed, mouth-breathing pop fan too, here's a poem I wrote about Kate Bush. Or for Kate Bush. Or whatever. Like all the poems I write - it's terrible. But I still wanted to write it.

If anyone is planning to get one of the shows later this year - or knows someone who is - how wonderful. I felt caught up in the spirit of some kind of magic this weekend. Happy, happy news.

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