Bobby Keys plays Auckland this Saturday

22:19, Mar 26 2014

You might remember an announcement earlier in the year that Bobby Keys would be playing Auckland's Powerstation in early April. I even blogged about here, mentioning a wee bit about Keys' extraordinary career. Keys has toured and recorded with The Rolling Stones for over 40 years, so that's what was bringing him down here for this tour with his own group on the side. Keys had pulled together a group of great players and was to perform a set of gigs around Australia and New Zealand on his days off around his other band, The Stones.

Of course with news last week that The Stones' New Zealand show has been delayed that means that Keys' gig has been moved forward a week. He'll be playing with his band, The Suffering Bastards, this Saturday night, March 29.

I had a chance to talk with Dan Baird, ex Georgia Satellites - you might remember their hit, Keep Your Hands To Yourself. Baird is playing rhythm guitar and singing with Keys' combo. It's a band that features former members of Poco and Lynyrd Skynyrd and the drummer is Brad Pemberton of The Cardinals. He's worked with Ryan Adams (or - "all the Ryans", as Baird put it, telling me that Ryan Adams was "one of the most interesting groups of people you could meet", something I thought both fans and detractors of Adams and his music might enjoy) and Pemberton has played with a bunch of other people too.

All of the guys in the band have a long list of credits, but nothing beats Keys' employment card.

When he was 16 years old he played the sax solo on rock'n'roll classic The Wanderer by Dion. Around the same time he contributed the baritone sax to Elvis Presley's Return To Sender. You've heard him on so many Stones albums and on solo albums by all of the members of The Beatles - also Joe Cocker, Warren Zevon, Eric Clapton, a veritable who's who. He is the man - "the boss" as Baird said more than once in our interview.

In fact here's the full interview with Dan Baird - you might enjoy it even if you're not planning on seeing the show, even if you've not heard Baird's music, he was a great interviewee, so full of life and stories; so sure of his job to put over his boss, to sell the show.

It sounds like a dream set-list and with a band that can really nail all these classics from some four decades of rock music.

That's it for today actually - just a reminder the show is now this Saturday night, March 29, Powerstation, Auckland. I really wish I was going. I hope someone reading here can leave a comment after the weekend telling me how the show was. I reckon it's going to be a ripper.

And click here for that interview with Dan Baird.

Postscript: Okay, not worth a post all its own, but someone has already written a book about Lorde. It's terrible. Ghastly. And I say that not because I'm not a fan of Lorde's music - I'm not, but I think readers are aware of that. I say it because I'm a fan of music books that are worthwhile, that have something to say, that show some voice beyond hagiographic squealing and the swallowing (and then, I guess, regurgitating) of whatever Dr Google was willing to prescribe. Anyway, I'm a sucker - I've read the book, so you don't have to - here's my review.

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