10 questions for a Friday

Over the last couple of years I've done AMA-styled posts where you lot get to ask me questions, music related. Before that, from time to time, we'd do Q&A-styled posts now and then. I'd share some information and you'd get a chance to reply. You'd answer the questions in the comments section below.

We haven't done one for a while - but we have already had this year's Ask Me Anything post.

So I thought we could have Ten Music Questions on a Friday. I'll ask the questions - I'll provide my answers to them also. Then you list your answers in the comments section.

1. What's the best gig you've seen - in recent memory - from a local act?

I would have to say The Clean at Puppies - it was loose, but that's always part of the charm. It was special, it felt like a very special gig. Also Liam Finn at Puppies hinted at what's to come from his soon-to-be-released third full-lengther.

2. What gig are you most looking forward to this year?

The Wellington Jazz Festival has just announced Chick Corea and Gary Burton as well as Joshua Redman for this year's headlining acts. Also, Peter Brotzmann is playing here. That's going to be fantastic. And Lawrence Arabia is playing his three albums back-to-back. Awesome!

3. Can you recommend a decent recent compilation album?

I've been pleasantly surprised by A Psych Tribute To The Doors - didn't think it would work/be necessary and hey, it probably isn't necessary, but it's an interesting line-up and the best of the cover-versions are very good, at the least they're interesting. Also David Rodigan's collection for the Masterpiece series is an amazing 3-disc effort; a bunch of classic sixties soul and pop tracks and then all the really good reggae music he knows so much about.

4. What's the best music book you've read this year?

I'm still reading Matt Thorne's bio simply called Prince. It's very good. I found it hard to start, hard to stick with, the previous time I tried but this time it's sitting well with me. Probably because I'm in the zone - or trying to be - for the upcoming DJ set I'm doing, all Prince songs, all night...

And the latest in the 33 1/3 series, about Apex Twin's Selected Ambient II was very good too.

6. What's the one example you can think of when you felt like you were in the wrong crowd entirely at a live gig?

This happens to me a fair bit and I wrote, recently, about attending Basshunter and Pendulum; I earned my money those nights.

7. What album are you most looking forward to this year?

I'm certainly curious to hear Prince's new one - particularly because I feel like it will just arrive one day, no advance notice, no reviews first. It might not amount to much but at least my curiosity is piqued. I am not at all excited about the first new Pixies album in over two decades. After EPs 1 and 2 that band is pretty much dead to me. After last year's profoundly beautiful Arve Henriksen album I'm certainly thrilled to think there's more in the tank - and so soon. Need to spend some time with that new album...

8. What's the best movie you've seen in the last three months?

Hands down, Nebraska, loved it. Really loved it; have thought about it often, continue to...

9. What's your favourite drum-groove?

Just this week, since someone had posted the song on Facebook, it's Squib Cakes by Tower of Power.

10. Check out the picture (right) and answer the question with regard to a musician: If you could pick one musician - from any stage in time - to sit on that seat and chat with for one hour who would be it be?

Chatting to musicians doesn't always work out like you might hope. But I'd take the risk, an hour to speak with Keith Jarrett and only about his Koln concert.

Okay, your turn - answer 1-10 below or provide the numbers of the questions you decide to answer.

And happy weekend - if you're at a loss (ever) find some Max Richter to listen to, it might help. 

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