At Peace

00:43, Mar 31 2014

The new album by @Peace is extraordinary - I'm still working it out, going to be grappling with it for days, weeks, months, but it's certainly got me in its clutches. 

And I mention this because the band's previous recording was not to my taste at all. But I had started off a fan. And it's nice to return to the fold. Well, I never went away, as such - kept listening to the stuff I liked, that first album, but their Valentine's Day mischief, the Girl Songs EP, I couldn't get on board with it; it felt phoney, not real to me. It seemed far too pleased with itself.

I often get asked if I change my mind and if I'll ever admit to getting it wrong. What's odd about writing reviews and blogs as well, finding something to mention each and every day, is the way people will pin you down on the negative material, holding you to it, attaching it to you forever. All the positive reviews can just f...f...fade away - particularly if the reader hasn't heard of the band previously. But say one mean thing, one negative thing about an artist and that's that. Nevermind if you liked the material previously, or if you hear something later on that you like. Tough. You're painted as "the hater".

There isn't time for anything approaching a vendetta - I hit publish and move on. Find something else to say for another day. The next day. And then the next. And if a band comes back with something I love, even after disappointing me with an earlier record, I'll be back on board. Of course I will. I may have to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous band-wagon jump taunts. But hey. I'll live. I have so far.

Later on you sometimes return to those albums you didn't like and you find something new; a way in. You find you actually like them. It does happen. But I guess, most often, you don't. They're dead to you and you have moved on to anything else.

An example I can think of, straight away, is Neil Young's album Re*ac*tor. It's usually included in any list of the worst/lesser/lesser-known of Neil Young's albums and I had dismissed it quickly, not bothering with it for years. Following the reviews from last year's Neil Young & Crazy Horse tour I found that a Re*ac*tor song was often in the set, so it was back to the album. Found myself kinda digging it - liking it a lot more than I had ever remembered. The concert was amazing and I have kept up with Re*ac*tor since. I have stopped by its door and checked in on it now and then. I couldn't make a case for it as the greatest or most underrated album of Neil's career but I don't hate it. I find more in it than I did previously.

Maybe one day I'll feel that way about @Peace's Girl Songs EP. But not today.

That's no matter though - they've redeemed themselves with the new release. It's a stunner.

An early clue for me was Christoph El Truento's album from last year, A series of oopsie daisies and various other flora. That planted the seed for me, had me hoping the new @Peace record would be something...I dunno, special I guess. And it certainly is. And I can certainly hear someof the El Truento ideas, some similar feels from his solo recordings, in the new @Peace record. This is definitely a good thing.

So I just wanted to be clear - to let you all know - I love the new @Peace album.

And it's currently available via Bandcamp at a name your price deal - meaning there's no reason to not check it out.

Have you heard it? What do you think?  Will you check it out?

Postscript: For those interested, here's the setlist from my Friday night DJing at Motel Bar