No Fooling

22:43, Mar 31 2014

It's April 1 - or April Fools' Day - but I won't be pulling out any fake news story or phoney album review here. I like pranks, sure. But when the day has been set aside for them - or the morning at least - and you are able to Google things if you need to, I don't really see the point.

Oh, I've played along - slightly - with the theme before. The first April Fool's Day in the life of Blog On The Tracks there was an attempt to write about music-hoaxes, really I just wanted to talk about The Legendary Marvin Pontiac, a clever hoax from the mind of John Lurie. Lurie had created the persona, made the music and assembled an impressive gallery of quotes from famous musicians, there was even one from John Lurie.

But other years it's just been business as usual here. Mostly out of respect for the editors and moderators. Newsrooms, I'm told, do not like April Fools' Day at all.

Last year it was interesting to notice so many of the music websites fully in for it - claiming long-lost albums were being reissued, talking up absurd collaborations. Didn't much see the point in it - they were all easy to debunk  if they hadn't already shot themselves in the foot.

So I won't keep you long today. I just wanted to mention that Peter Brotzmann is touring New Zealand in May. Exciting news. These shows will be amazing. Click the link and check out some of his work if you're not already familiar.

I think I received my April Fools' Day prank a day early at any rate, yesterday I reviewed NathanEast's debut solo album. Known as a bass player to anyone/everyone, East has worked with greats across many genres, over several decades. His solo album is a throwback to the ghastly noodlings of the session greats across the 1980s and 1990s - those solo albums you purchased because you liked a certain bassist or drummer or guitarist.

You then hear their solo album and of course it's ghastly. East's album feels like a joke. But it's not, you can tell he is so earnest, a duet with his son here, other special guests there, tracing around his musical CV with covers of songs he played way back in the day with Eric Clapton or Stevie Wonder or whoever else...a song called Daft Funk that's so desperate to cash in on his involvement with one of the best albums of last year.

Getting to mention Peter Brotzmann was a welcome relief.

Right, I'm off to prep for my interview with Jason Isbell. I'll report back another day on that. Still loving his Southeastern album, still gutted I won't make his New Zealand show - but you should go. If you're in Auckland, you should totally go.

But if you want to prank yourself for April Fool's then that would be the only reason I could suggest you watch Broadway Idiot, the documentary that shows the behind-the-scenes surrounding Green Day's American Idiot becoming a Broadway musical.

Have a fun April Fool's Day morning, feel free to share any funny bogus music-news stories you find in the comments below. And any favourite musical hoaxes you care to share?

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