A few starters for Monday...

23:21, Apr 06 2014

Okay, here's a few things for you to kick off your Monday; to kick off your week...

SJD has made his first album available at a 'name your price' deal on Bandcamp. Check it out - and throw in some coins. He's one of our great talents I reckon. And this early album will be interesting to anyone who has enjoyed his more recent efforts.

I'm giving away a double ticket to Morcheeba on Friday night in Wellington, so click this link to be in to win.

The other week I mentioned interviewing Jason Isbell - well, the interview is right here. And he's playing this weekend in Auckland. It'll be well worth seeing.

I finally got around to writing a review of Anika Moa's Songs for Bubbas - a worthwhile thing to have in the house if you have small children.

Later today I'm interviewing Don Walker - the great Cold Chisel songwriter. His new solo album is really great. And he's playing in Auckland and Leigh next week with The Bads. (See here for details).

The other week I posted about my upcoming Prince DJ set and - quite rightly - my terrible quick-fix internet-only image/poster was laughed at by Darryl in the comments. But he offered to fix it. And he is a man of his word. So thanks again Darryl. Here (below) is the new - proper - Purple Reign 2: Let's Go Crazy poster. (And a reminder my music of Prince DJ set is this Thursday, April 10, Mighty Mighty, 9pm-1am).

Bill Callahan has a new album out, a set of dub remixes of his most recent album; the new version is - well - inneresting...

Over at Off The Tracks there's a new guest-blogger, Jon McLeary of The Spines will be adding weekly War Stories; he started last week (there'll be a new post added later today - and every Monday).

I had a sneaking suspicion that the new Thievery Corporation album might mean more to people who collect furniture as opposed to music. Surprise, surprise, but I reckon I'm right.

David Byrne wonders how musicians will make money in the streaming age.

I told you all about Record Store Day last week- and asked for other record stores to get in touch with their activities, having mentioned the events at Slow Boat specifically. There'll be an update before the event but Slow Boat has confirmed its final guest on the day, joining already announced instores from Louis Baker and Julia Deans, will be Dave Dobbyn.

And - just what did you make of the Future Islands performance on Letterman? We haven't discussed this already, and I'm aware the train has sailed, but much as I thought that performance was f**king ludicrous I am kinda enjoying the album. What are your thoughts? Were you a fan of the band already? Or did that clip turn you onto the music? Or could you not bother based on that performance?

Happy start to the week. I'll announce the winners of the guest review/blogging round tomorrow.

See anything - or hear anything - you like here in the links above today? Got any links you'd like to add?

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