Your gushings, please...

00:16, Apr 08 2014

You'll remember, just the other week, I gave you all the opportunity to gush over just one album - in this year's version of the Right This Blog! series you were to put forth an album for review, could be old, could be new, and you're going to base your writing around that album. It doesn't, in the strictest sense, need to be 'a review' since this is a blog. So, rather, it's a piece of writing around an album. A chance to share some thoughts on a favourite piece of music.

Anyway, it's time to reveal the winners.

You'll have one week to get your work in. Aim for between 800-1200 words as a guide, that said you can write as much or little as you like (within reason). You want to try to keep the reader's/readers' attention. You want to try to have a point.

In no particular order the winning blog-writers are:

John Iscariot: Red House Painters' Down Colorful Hill

Grant McDougall: Rowland S. Howard

Waldo Jeffers: Velvet Underground's Live 1969

Mike R: Steve Earle's I Feel Alright

Mark Twang: The Band's The Band

Now, I often have a wildcard in these situations. I choose a bonus blogger - because someone always seems to let me down, to enter into the spirit of it and then for one reason or other not deliver the work when chosen...

So we should have a wildcard for this round too.

And you can't really get more wild than duckduck girl when it comes to a wildcard.

So it will be:

Wildcard - duckduck girl: Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms.

That's the line-up. You can all please email me your guest blog post to

And since this is a short post today I'll give you two new album reviews to look at. Firstly Teebs' latest, Estara. I like this - it's brand new, fresh out of the blocks. Teebs is a Flying Lotus protégé - yes, another. And though this might not seem all that exciting and challenging, it's an interesting mix of beat-making ideas. Prepared piano, bossa-nova grooves, a few interesting cameos. A very easy album to slip on and sink down to.

Also Frank Zappa' Roxy By Proxy. An "official bootleg" from the Zappa Family Trust - some of the versions have been heard on previous records, some haven't, but it's FZ and one of his bestbands (and they were all really rather wonderful - if you're a FZ fan). This album's been on high rotate for me lately. It's got me hooked right back into a bunch of Zappa material as a result, but I love the playing - and song-selection - on this live album. Sound quality is pretty decent too.

I'll also mention Vijay Iyer's Mutations. This guy is amazing - a relatively new find for me, he's a jazz pianist/composer but he works across improvisation and electronics also. This new album has ideas - and takes ideas - from modern classical composition.

So guest bloggers get writing. Now's your time to shine!

And for everyone else, any new favourite albums you've been listening to the last week or so?

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