Lead Zeppelin: 2014 Tour

23:42, Apr 30 2014

Okay, I'm not - usually - one for tribute bands. Occupational hazard, I've seen a few. And it's genuinely strange sometimes, being there as a reviewer rather than a fan. I saw a Pink Floyd tribute band several years ago and during the interval I overhead one punter at the merch stand asking if the band had any CDs. I still find that to be strange. And very funny. I mean, sure, if you really loved the tribute band buy the t-shirt or at least the poster. If you're into that. But why buy a Pink Floyd tribute act's version of a Pink Floyd CD? Why not just buy a Pink Floyd CD...

Anyway, all of that was sorta going through my head when I first received the press-release telling me about a band called Lead Zeppelin offering their version of Led Zeppelin's songs.

First of all, I know these musicians, I've seen them - or at least heard them - in other contexts. I know they can play and in one or two cases I know the players personally and certainly know all about their passion for music in general. And of course for the music of Led Zeppelin.

But I wouldn't give them the tick just on that.

The fact that this band isn't interested at all in dressing up and acting the part - they don't want to try to look like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, they want to try to sound like them - is what has me interested.

So I went to the band's website. I checked out the clips of them playing in a bar in Napier last year, hitting out their versions of the epic live Dazed and Confused and the slow-blues Since I've Been Lovin You.

These guys can play.

They have got that sound locked down.

Lead Zeppelin is playing four shows around the North Island in mid/late August. And the hook for this tour, their "gimmick" if you like, is that they'll be using the same gear that Zeppelin used to get their sound, the same amplifiers, guitars, effects, echo units.

They will be recreating the setlist from Led Zeppelin's classic concert film, The Song Remains The Same.

That's a better stab at authenticity than putting on a comedy wig.

So I just wanted to mention this. Plant the seed. But I'm interested to know what you think - specifically is it more important for a tribute act to look the part or sound the part. Or should it be an attempt at both.

I'd rather go for the music than the dress-up. But that's just me.

The other reason I'm mentioning it now is because the band has a competition on its Facebook page, you could win tickets.

Does this sound like the right kind of rock'n'roll to you? Or will you be heading over the hills and far away?

Lead Zeppelin NZ Tour 2014 - see here for the clips I mentioned above, ticket information and the tour dates.

Postscript: There's a competition over at Off The Tracks to win tickets to the movie Only Lovers Left Alive, Three Double Passes - be in to win; the film starts today.