A few links for a Friday

So I'm hooked, again, on Marc Maron's podcast, WTF. It's pretty addictive. I went off it for a while though, possibly because I didn't enjoy his book all that much. But now I'm back in there, getting into some of the old episodes and doing my best to keep up with the new ones. Last night I enjoyed the latest, his chat with Stephen Malkmus - all that great Pavement music and a reminder that one of the first best albums of 2014 I heard was Stephen Malkmus' latest Jicks record; I haven't found it easy to care about his post-Pavement music but the new one is worth your time if you've ever been a fan of Malkmus' songwriting.

Earlier in the night I'd listened to a much older episode from the podcast, Maron talking to Huey Lewis - also worth checking out. Maron talks to comedians and actors most often but if you go through the archive you'll find some interesting conversations with musicians, John Cale and Iggy Pop and Nick Cave and more recently Jason Isbell and Patterson Hood. So music fans should keep checking in with the show.

Tomorrow I'm speaking with one of the members of Dawn of Midi - I've been so hooked on the band's album that was released last year, I've got a good feeling about their upcoming show at Wellington's Jazz Festival. (You can check out the whole abum here).

Sometimes I'll see a record in a shop window and just seeing the cover will bring back a flood of memories, will take me back to when I discovered that music. Yesterday I bought a vinyl copy of Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz - replacing my long lost CD copy. Oh man, this album. It just blew my mind when I first heard it. It opened up my ears to a whole new set of sounds, to new possibilities. I was around 16 when I first heard it. Have you heard Free Jazz by Ornette Coleman? Give it a go.

The new album by Nels Cline (of Wilco) with his band, The Nels Cline Singers is my favourite he's released. It's a kick-ass group featuring Trevor Dunn (of Mr. Bungle and Tomahawk) and Scott Amendola (Charlie Hunter/TJ Kirk) and it's full of interesting sonics. I love the way he takes tunes in strange directions. Even the "straight" music on this album ends up in a different place from where it started - there are surprises. He knows how to light up a tune though. That's for f**kin' A goddamn sure.

The latest Slow Boat Selections post on Off The Tracks discusses the Dusk album by The The. It's worth reading - and also features a Top 10 of Johnny Marr moments. I'd be interested to know what you think.

Just released (yesterday) is the posthumous memoir of Hello Sailor's Dave McArtney. It's a really great read.

I've just caught up with the latest Boy George solo album, a reminder of a sweet white-soul voice. You could call it a "comeback", a strong comeback too, it's certainly a much better record than I could have expected. 

Here's a cool interview with Robyn Hitchcock talking about why he hates Christopher Cross' song, Arthur's Theme from the movie Arthur.

And here's Neil Finn's give-Springsteen-a-run-for-his-money setlist from Dublin earlier this week. I wonder when Neil Finn will announce New Zealand shows in support of his great new record. I'd have loved to have seen that Dublin show. What a run of songs.

Here's my review of Estere's debut album (I didn't like it). But the album is free - so here's the album (you might like it).

On Sunday I'm appearing on Wallace Chapman's RNZ show as a result of Wednesday's blog post. We'll be talking New Zealand Music Month (around 8.40am).

This is an interesting story.

And here's my pick for what might well be the mind-blowing record of the year.

So, that's it from me today. A few links for you to check out if you're interested. And feel free to add any below - clips of great performances, new favourite albums, or any other music-related stuff that's taken your fancy this week.

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