Modern marriage?

Last updated 09:59 13/05/2008

Quite extraordinary to read that Rich Lister Jimmy Kirkpatrick does not share a bedroom with his beautiful young wife Gilda.

Blonde bombshell Gilda who has studied architecture, is from Iran and was a hairdresser when she met her doting husband in the salon in Auckland mall, St Lukes.

Their age difference of nearly forty years made them an unusual couple but in these modern times of pre nups and post nups and civil unions and mail order everything you would have to marry the cat before anyone got really interested in your nuptials.

Social Auckland was not at all concerned by the age difference of the glamorous couple. 'Would they have friends in common? 'Would they have interests in common?' 'And what about music? GeorgeFM or Classic Hits?' No-one was interested at all in these questions. The love between the happy pair, who are worth about $80 million, was evident for all to see.

Then last weekend, a friend of Gilda's revealed that Gilda and Jimmy do not share a room, and a conversation Gilda had with former PM Jim Bolger was quoted:

Gilda :(nonchalantly) "No I don't sleep with my husband, I sleep with my dogs"

Bolger: (grinning) "You don't sleep with your husband?"

Gilda: "No, We have separate beds. My husband doesn't like the fact that my dogs like to sleep on the bed"

Bolger: (Still grinning) "So where does your husband sleep?"

Gilda: "In his own suite. . . "

Now, not sleeping with your wife is not the male ideal.

On the contrary.

Sharing a bed, many people would argue, is the number one reason men do get married. And as I said above, attitudes to all things matrimonial are quite relaxed these days, so you would indeed have to marry the cat to raise eyebrows.

But sleeping with dogs, just about beats that. If beautiful Gilda won't push her pooches off the bed so she can just roll over and give her hubby a spontaneous cuddle, softhearted people will be inclined to feel sorry for the gentleman.

Very likely though Jimmy is happy with the arrangement and well cuddled by Gilda outside of the bedroom. I do wonder though how happy he will be with the entire country knowing his sleeping arrangements.

What do you think? Should husbands and wives sleep together or is that too twentieth century square? Would YOU sleep with Gilda's dogs? (They are cute and VERY well behaved).

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Nick   #1   10:46 am May 13 2008

I like the idea of seperate bedrooms.... If you want to sleep with your partner you can, She can come to your room, or you can go to hers. But you can also have a room that is yours your own area you can go to when you need time out, when one of you is sick, when you come home late and dont want to wake your partner. Sounds good to me!

G. Pulani   #2   12:16 pm May 13 2008

Nick. Sounds like you live with your mum.

melissa.b   #3   12:28 pm May 13 2008

WOW umm oky

This is my first time reading your blog ( not to bad i say...appeals to me)

Well im 22 at the moment and I am currntly living with my partner ( slightly younger) and sleeping in the same bed with his is great, oky we are not married but i dont think marrige should change the fact that you share a bed.....heavens if you didnt share a bed, why be married, oky so its not the reason to get married but its a perk....i love that if i have a bad dream and wake up, that I have a beautiful boy to cuddle..... its freakin brings couples closure ...nothing beats skin touching while relaxed.... and if you wake up at night feeling a bit frisky...then hey, its a bonus ha

Over it   #4   12:43 pm May 13 2008

It's totally understandable that he wouldn't want to sleep with with her dogs.

She's probably got Chihuahuas - the type of dog you want to drop-kick through goal posts.

Paige   #5   12:45 pm May 13 2008

Separate bedrooms = WRONG ! If you don't feel well or want to wake your partner sleep in the spare room for the night or on the couch just don't make it a habit. Maybe Gilda & Jimmy have "done their dash" sex wise and just enjoy the "social functions" together these days.

By the way I don't think Gilda is that goregous or that young !

Paige   #6   12:47 pm May 13 2008

Maybe get a super duper king size bed so the dogs can sleep on the bed also. My partner, our dog & I all sleep in the same bed, it can be done !

Update   #7   01:00 pm May 13 2008

Internet Explorer -> Favorites -> Google -> Image Search -> Type "Gilda Kirkpatrick"....**Waits**



Construction of new houses in Australia have more and more second master suites as couples are working harder and longer. Maybe he is working days, and she is working nights?

Natasha   #8   01:09 pm May 13 2008

I think if it works for you- go for it! It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. What works for some might not suit others. I've been living with my boyfriend for about a year and a half and we have had separate bedrooms from the get go. I never would have moved in with him if this hadn't been the case as I prefer having my own bed and own room to decorate and spend time in sometimes.

It works extremely well for both of us : This way I get a better nights sleep (he can snore which keeps me awake all night!), we have more room to stretch out, I can stay up late reading while he tends to fall asleep immediately and we both get a little bit of space to ourselves.

We always start off in the same bed and then I pop up to my room when he drifts off to get a good nights sleep in my own bed.I've tried the sharing beds thing in previous relationships and it is definitely better like this- in fact we wouldn't have it any other way!

Paige   #9   03:37 pm May 13 2008

I'm wondering how old Natasha is ? Because what she's posted kinda sounds ok if you're 70+

My partner snores and wakes me up, he goes to bed late whereas I go early, its all abit of compromise & sometimes can take abit of getting used to but its worth it.

Lowdown   #10   04:00 pm May 13 2008


I think you misunderstood the use of "sleeps" in its original context. The article Bridget has quoted here from the gossip column made a very strong inference that "sleeping" = sex and even used Jim Bolger as an example by parading the fact he has so many children that sleeping = sex. This couple obviously aren't doing it.

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