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Could Game of Thrones change the TV industry?

05:00am 16 Apr 2014

This new world that we inhabit, where we're all connected and have basically the entire knowledge of human history at our fingertips, is amazing.

I've reconnected with old friends and reminisced at just how much of a dick I was in my 20s.

I've made new friends around the world, in places I've only ever seen on television.

And I've been called a sexist racist who's basically to blame for the demise of New Zealand society.

Okay, it's not all good, but you get my point.

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Shock as white man named to replace Letterman

05:00am 11 Apr 2014

I'm angry. More so than normal. And I suspect many of you will read this and think there are far better things to lose your temper over.

You may be right.

But that doesn't stop my righteous indignation that Stephen Colbert has been appointed to replace Dave Letterman as host of the Late Show from next year.

It's not that Colbert isn't a great fit for the role - he's way funnier than Letterman ever has been and he's an accomplished interviewer, so it's almost perfect.

I think the Colbert Report is a great television show, and his satirical take-down of George W Bush at the Correspondents' Dinner in 2006 is an all-time comedy highlight.

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Short Poppies - not as bad as Rhys Darby's stand-up

05:00am 09 Apr 2014

There's nothing that winds me up more than being presumed to be something I'm not. It makes me dig in my heels and fight.

And after being virtually accused in one of this company's fine Sunday newspapers of being a bit of a tall poppy hater because of my preview of Rhys Darby's new show Small Poppies I wanted another.

It's easy to say that people on the internet are haters, but valid criticism doesn't make you a hater - and I consider my criticism valid. But it does make you easy to target.

Let's put this on the record - I don't dislike Rhys Darby because he's successful. I dislike him because, in my opinion, he's not very funny, especially compared to our other talent.

However a new sensation quickly came over me and my desire to fight evaporated. It was a desire to prove someone wrong. Not content to simply fight my corner I was going to watch Short Poppies and damn well like it.

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Less, not more Rhys Darby on our screens, please

05:00am 01 Apr 2014

I'm unashamedly a proponent of Kiwi-made content on our television - not because I think it's my duty, but because I think it's generally under-rated and fantastic.

But I have a confession to make and I feel like it's going to change our relationship forever.

I cannot stand Rhys Darby and I don't care if his new show, Short Poppies, succeeds or not.

Please don't hate me. I've tried. Honestly, I have. I've watched his stand-up and yearned to laugh out loud, but it just hasn't happened.

TVNZ have announced all episodes of the show will be streaming for four weeks from 6.00pm tonight, but unfortunately it's not an April Fool's joke.

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Cosmos shows documentaries aren't a dying art

05:00am 26 Mar 2014

There is one genre of film and television that is often ignored - and indeed has been so far on this blog.

The poor cousin to the dramedies and reality television that dominate our television viewing is the documentary.

In the last few years two of the very best films I've seen - TT3D: Closer to the Edge and Senna - are better than the majority of scripted dramas.

The same really cannot be said for television's efforts, the odd David Attenborough effort from the BBC excepted.

Thankfully a new arrival to our screens allows me to to enjoy this oft-ignored art form.

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