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When he's supposed to be doing other things, chances are you'll find Mike Kilpatrick watching television instead. He styles himself on comedy hero Jim Royle, loves a laugh, enjoys a cry and if it's on the box he will share his opinion on it too. Whether you want it or not

Negative? Me? Have some positivity!

11:03am 25 Jul 2014

I know because I’m just an image at the top of the page to you all, some of you feel you can criticise with impunity.

But sometimes it’s nice for me to be able to look in the mirror without wondering whether Anonymous of Whanganui thinks I’m a d**k with no sense of humour.

So, in a brief attempt to appease those who suggest I’m a little bit too negative, today’s blog is going to be incessantly positive.

Unfortunately, largely due to the sheer amount of reality shows and unfunny comedies we’re served up, we’re going to have to take a little jump back into the past.

I think most attempts to rank television shows are somewhat futile - tastes change, shows which were groundbreaking in their day become dated and, at the end of the day, it’s just someone’s opinion.

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Wake up New Zealand!

01:28pm 23 Jul 2014

With the election so close I was thinking I'd take a wee look at our current affairs programmes and how they were covering things in the lead-up to the September vote.

Unfortunately last night I chose to tune into Seven Sharp (TV1, 7pm).

From the start host Mike Hosking was in typical Hosking mood - including some barbs at female drivers which... well, would have been out of date and inappropriate in a 1970s sitcom.

But worse was to come. Much worse. After an emotional story about the burning down of a kindergarten and how it affected the community and kids we were treated to a profile of controversial blogger Cameron 'Whale Oil' Slater.

I say 'controversial blogger' because that seems to the standard phrase used to describe him rather than the more accurate, in my opinion, 'odious creep'.

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Comedy, creationism and crass chaps in control

03:09pm 18 Jul 2014

A few weeks ago I lamented the lack of satire on our television and wanted to know why Jeremy Wells wasn't on our screens more regularly.

And then came last night's 'Late Night Big Breakfast' (TV1, 10.05pm).

Now I'm still left lamenting why there isn't more satire on our television.

I desperately wanted to love LNBB - a satirical show has an important part to play, I think, in functioning democracy. This wasn't satire, however. It was crass jokes, and comedy that went out of fashion in the 1980s.

Okay, it wasn't as bad as 'The Radio' but it wasn't too far from it.

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Just when you thought Paul Henry couldn't sink lower...

10:58am 16 Jul 2014

First of all, many apologies for the lack of updates over the last few weeks. 

Real life tends to get in the way of my fantasy life on occasion and I required a couple of weeks to recover.

The truth is today was always going to be the first blog back. However I'm not sure how many of you will believe that given the subject is, once again, Paul Henry.

Some of you may consider I have some kind of personal vendetta against Henry, that I'm too politically correct or that I just don't get humour.

You are entitled to your opinions, even if I don't agree.

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Lack of TV satire a threat to democracy

01:29pm 27 Jun 2014


I had occasion yesterday to seek out some old episodes of Eating Media Lunch and I wish I hadn’t.

Not because they haven’t aged as well as I’d thought they’d might, but because it makes me mourn for the lack of quality satire on New Zealand television.

For those of us with extremely deep pockets there is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Soho, and for those of us with slightly less disposable income there is The Daily Show with John Stewart on the Comedy Channel.

And for those of us with an internet connection there are full versions of some of master UK satirist Charlie Brooker’s shows, including the phenomenal 2012 Wipe.

But this is an election year and both the main parties and the assorted smaller parties are ripe for lampooning.

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