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A hypocrite, but I'm not too proud to admit it!

11:13am 30 Jan 2015

It won't surprise many of you, if any, to know that I'm something of a hypocrite.

I've long railed against reality television and I had managed to erase the scourge from my viewing schedule completely.

Until I started watching WWE's Total Divas. And boy, am I hooked big time.

In my defence I'd like to state a couple of things:

1) I'm watching it via the WWE Network on the internet ($9.99 a month!) and so I haven't had to incur the danger of adverts for the Kardashians that I'd surely get watching it via E! on Sky.

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All hail Sir Jeremy Clarkson, the saviour of TV3

10:32am 28 Jan 2015

Yesterday was the day my dreams came true. The internet was full of the joyous news. No longer would I have to press extra buttons on the remote to reach those channels, because Top Gear is coming to TV3. HALLELUJAH!

I jumped into party-planning mode straight away. I made a flier - using my favourite font, Comic Sans, and a picture of Jeremy Clarkson giving the fingers to liberals and got the Union Jack bunting out of storage and gave it a dusting down.

I popped into my 4.8l V8 gas guzzler - it does four kilometers per litre of fuel - and drove around my neighbours delivering the invite, stopping every few metres and revving the engine to allow the impressive black exhaust fumes to create a cloud of glorious chemicals around our houses.

I suggested a theme of 'Come as your favourite person wrongly defined as racist by libtards' but the two lady 'friends' who share a house around the corner - and probably voted for the Green Party - said it might be inappropriate.

I didn't want to invite them but my wife - when I let her out of the kitchen - used some of her alloted word allowance to suggest I should try and be inclusive. What a cheek. I am inclusive. I like everyone who thinks exactly like I do.

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The future of television is here and now

09:18am 23 Jan 2015

Television has changed so much in the last few years it's almost folly to try and imagine where we're going to be in another decade.

But one thing does seem clear - if change continues as it has then we're in for a stunning time as fans.

And the reason I'm so excited about the future? The risks that non-traditional media companies like Netflix and Amazon are willing to take.

Netflix's original series have been well covered here, with Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards being the favourites.

But it's the rise of Amazon as a creator which has stunned me - both my its success and the quality of some programmes.

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Why Firefly will never be the same again

12:01pm 19 Jan 2015

The internet has brought about many improvements in my life - and undoubtedly has shaped yours to some extent over the last few years.

It's also added a new dimension to the ways in which we consume (and create) art, entertainment and media.

But it's also brought about the end of something I never thought I would miss until it was too late - ignorance.

To someone as obsessed with news and media that's a very counter-intuitive position to take - but the truth is being informed has destroyed some of my favourite television shows and movies.

Let's start with the hardest one to take - Firefly.

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Agent Carter kicks ass, shines like a beacon

10:45am 16 Jan 2015

A few months ago I worried that the slew of superhero television shows was just the latest fad, an attempt to cash in on the popularity of The Dark Knight and The Avengers. That regard for quality would be ignored in the haste to cash in.

The ubiquitiousness was going to reach the levels of reality television and surely everything was destined to come crashing down around our ears. My inner geek was terrified.

What I didn't count on was, at least in one case, that the show would be run with such care and attention that it was only ever going to succeed.

That show is Agent Carter, which is going to be showing on TV2 here later in the year.

After her adventures with Captain America, Peggy Carter (played expertly again by the wonderful Hayley Atwell) is now only being used as a secretary by Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) and, rightfully so, doesn't like it.

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