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Silicon Valley grows up in second season

08:00am 17 Apr 2015

HBO's Silicon Valley was one of my surprise hits of last year - it wasn't perfect and they definitely had some issues with their portrayal of women but there was more funny in one episode than lots of shows can muster in a season.

The show, which you could argue is a satire of what's happening in the USA's technology sector (I say argue because this may be a little too close to reality, given some of the stories you read!) has just started its sophomore season on Sky's SoHo channel - and it's definitely worth tuning in.

The first season ended with the guys from Pied Piper winning TechCrunch's Disrupt and $50k for their compression software and being wooed by companies eager to fund them, despite being as organised as the proverbial piss-up in a brewery.

The second season beings with the team enjoying the traps of their success, with extravagant parties in their honour. But they're not interested - and even feel uncomfortable with all the attention - because they had already signed with venture capitalist Peter Gregory (Christopher Evan Welch) and his firm Raviga in the first season.

But their's a spanner in the works. Their entire future is put at risk after Gregory dies.

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Daredevil excels as darkness reigns

12:16pm 15 Apr 2015

It's hard to quantify just how big a risk Netflix's Daredevil series really was. On one hand, it's part of the Marvel Universe which can do virtually no wrong at the moment.

On the other hand it has to shake off the shackles of the 2003 film, starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and Colin Farrell.

While Daredevil isn't the worst superhero film of all time (have you seen the dodgy copy of the unreleased Fantastic Four from 1994 or 1990's stinker of a Captain America film?) it certainly didn't do the story justice - pun intended.

But, and I shouldn't be surprised to be writing this again, Netflix has come up trumps with another stellar show which is proving difficult to avoid binge-watching.

Of course there were some massive clues pointing to Daredevil being successful prior to launch - the presence of Drew Goddard, who wrote for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Alias as well as fantastic surprise movie The Cabin in that Woods being the biggest.

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Campbell Live the last beacon of investigative hope

05:00am 10 Apr 2015


If I actually thought TV3 gave a crap about quality, I might have reacted more angrily to the news that Campbell Live is under threat. The irony of it emerging in the same week Paul Henry started his new show is much harder to take.

The truth is, however, this isn’t a surprise. You only have to look at the sheer amount of reality television polluting our airwaves to know that investigative journalism is out of favour and destined for the scrapheap.

Why bother spending money telling important stories about what's going on in the country when you can fund a show where pop stars shout at ordinary Kiwis or where 20 women fight amongst themselves for the love of one man?

And if the likes of the right-wing Henry are courting favour amongst the hierarchy at Mediaworks then you can be certain that the progressive John Campbell is certainly not flavour of the month.

Political commentator Matthew Hooton, no raging lefty himself, indicated as such in a tweet following the news breaking yesterday afternoon.

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Paul Henry - A new era of the same old schtick

09:00am 07 Apr 2015

And so the moment has finally arrived - a new era in broadcasting has begun in good old Aotearoa.

We are officially the first country to simulcast a right-wing presenter with a sexist and racist history across television, radio and the internet as breakfast entertainment.

We should be so proud of this achievement. Wait, that's not quite the right word... We should be so unhappy at this achievement. That's much better.

The ubiquitousness of Paul Henry is complete and pretty soon we'll all have to wake up and do our calisthenics in front of the television as Big Bro(TM) barks out his Truthiness(TM) about the world.

Well banish me now to Room 101 if this is indeed the future - because I want as little part of it as possible.

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iZombie an excellent addition to your schedule

10:30am 02 Apr 2015

The old saying goes you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover - and neither should you judge a television show by its name.

When I first heard about iZombie I was intrigued - I wasn't a fan of the comics and so I had little insight into the story.

I was hoping it was going to be a subtle satire on the brainless hoardes, stumbling around cities with their faces in their smartphones. But no, it really is about your (nearly) standard brain-eating type of zombie - and I'm over that.

In fact I hated the idea. I wanted to iShake the iHeads of the iPeople who iGreenlit this iShow.

At least I did until I watched the first couple of episodes on TVNZ's updated OnDemand platform.

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