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Why Netflix leaves me underwhelmed

12:41pm 25 Nov 2014

Had Netflix announced a year ago they were coming to New Zealand I would have probably run down the road screaming and shouting, breathlessly telling all and sundry that finally we had joined the 21st Century.

Okay, probably not run. More walked with a weird smile on my face, but you get the point.

But the timing of their formal announcement of an early 2015 switch-on for their streaming service over here has left me... well, underwhelmed.

I've been a Netflix subscriber for a couple of years and it's provided amazing value for money as well as the chance to catch shows not shown here.

But things have changed and the local market is full of opportunities for people to legally stream content, even if the two oldest options aren't exactly worthwhile.

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The greatest television themes of all time

09:36am 21 Nov 2014

It's taken a few years but I've finally discovered the truth about popularity and how to be successful on social media - and it turns out the answer was right under my nose the whole time.

As much as it might not seem like it to some of you, I do research my television blogs and on occasion this means reaching out to sanity check certain assumptions.

So when I mentioned I was doing a 'best television theme tunes' blog on Twitter yesterday it went off. For about half an hour I was inundated with suggestions for the best, and worst, of all time. I had to turn my phone off, it was vibrating so hard that I was getting funny looks.

It was a trip down Memory Lane. And then on to Nostalgia Highway. And finally onto Sadness Boulevard.

As someone so wisely pointed out there weren't many shows made in the last decade nominated - and it seemed to be more about the type of people we were and the time that we were the happiest.

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TV nostalgia a dream trip to the past

10:00am 19 Nov 2014

Call it nostalgia, call it a mid-life crisis. Whatever it is, I've had cause for revisiting television shows of my youth lately to go with my sparkly new pair of 10-hole Dr Marten's and an attitude that makes it sound like I know everything.

Yep, my late teens were a fantastic time. I thought paisley-patterned shirts looked great on me, that drinking Bacardi and Coke was the height of culture and not being asked to prove my age was a sign of maturity.

So it's clear I knew very little about how the world worked back then. Some might argue the same now. But I did know a good television show when I saw one and that show was Interceptor.

If even one of you reading this has heard of it I'll be hugely impressed. I'm not sure it ever made it out of the UK, and given it lasted only one season of eight episodes it's highly unlikely it captured the imagination of many overseas.

Interceptor was a gameshow unlike anything that's ever been broadcast before, or since - and if there's one show that's ripe for reimagining and remaking it's this one. Forget a third season of Twin Peaks. Even David Lynch couldn't have come up with something as twisted, complicated and amazing as the Interceptor.

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TVNZ outshining TV3 with new season offerings

08:00am 14 Nov 2014

On first glance it appeared I could have just substituted TVNZ for TV3 along with some show titles in my first blog this week and used that to describe TVNZ's new season line-up announced this week.

But on closer examination there's a few more things to be excited about - even if using Mike Hosking and Toni Street to announce it leaves me colder than a streaker at the South Pole.

Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way first - yes, there's too much reality television in there. In fact, possibly more even than TV3 - and that's saying something.

We have the new Our First Home, a multi-night show destined to be TVNZ's equivalent of The Block.

And Bogans. And The Big Ward. And Nigel Latta Blows Stuff Up. And not to forget the return of My Kitchen Rules, Police Ten 7, Piha Rescue, The Voice, The Amazing Race... you get the giant reality picture.

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The reality of reality - the dumbing down continues

10:00am 12 Nov 2014

I'm guessing New Zealand must have been bad in a previous life. Maybe we punched Australia in the head too many times in the scrum, or made Fiji fan us with palm leaves while we lazed at the side of the pool.

Because otherwise I've little to explain why we're going to have our own version of The Bachelor inflicted on us by TV3 next year.

"Join us as we embark on the ultimate romantic adventure," says the TV3 website. The ultimate romantic adventure? Fair play to whomever dreamed up that line, because it makes it sound amazing.

But romance isn't something that's lived in front of television cameras, for the titillation of the watching hordes. It's done in pubs up and down the country. In restaurants. In bedrooms. In parked cars. In coffee shops. In cinemas. Even in internet chatrooms. But definitely not on prime-time New Zealand television.

The thought of watching a Kiwi bloke try and woo a group of young ladies makes me feel just a little nauseated. "Aw yeah, I like the All Blacks and Holdens. And I like wearing jandals. Do you want to get in the back of my ute? It's got a mattress."

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