Time to finally admit women are funnier than men

23:07, May 20 2014

Going by a lot of what I read from ill-informed commenters online (and what I still hear from some people I know) what I'm writing about today will be a shock for some.

I'm hoping it will be a wake up call to those dinosaurs who think comedy still remains a man's game.

Hands down, the two best comedy shows on television at the moment, are shows written by and starring female comedians.

The first, Inside Amy Schumer, is in its second series and has provided some genius moments.

You may have already seen her brilliant satire of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, entitled The Food Room. It was note perfect.


But my favourite was the tennis sketch, where the wonderful Schumer transforms into Amy Schumerenka, an Anna Kournikova look-alike who is bad at tennis but because she is so gorgeous she gets all the accolades.

It skewers the media perfectly - Kournikova was a mediocre tennis player who never won a singles title but she got way more press than those who beat her, particularly if they didn't fit into the convention of what 'attractive' means.

I've seen some people brand her comedy 'feminist' but I don't think it needs that tag. She makes fun of women and men equally and there's no reason why anyone who likes a bit of dirty humour can't enjoy this.

And her interview style - which she uses on random people in the street and more set up interviews, is disarmingly wonderful - which is why I think she would have been a brilliant replacement for David Letterman (it's okay, I'm not going to open up that can of worms again!)

But even Schumer is completely outgunned by Broad City, a show so good and funny that anyone who likes comedy should find a way to watch it now.

Broad City comes from the minds of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer and it started off as a YouTube short series.

Thankfully Comedy Central, courtesy of another genius female comedian, Amy Poehler, picked it up and ordered a 10-part full-length season - which has just finished.

The good news is that has already been picked up for a second season.

It's hard to describe how awkward, awesome and achingly funny this show is.

If follows the fictional lives of Jacobson and Glazer as they go about their business - it covers sex, weed, hot neighbours, parties - basically everything you'd expect late 20s in New York to be dealing with.

The stars themselves are virtually perfect. but even when they're not the focus it doesn't fail to deliver.

Hannibal Burres is amazing as Glazer's sex partner and dentist and the other famous guests who pop up don't draw the focus.

In fact, showing that they're not egotistical at all by handing out the amazing lines just makes me love the show more.

I spat out my coffee when Lincoln, Burres' character, says "I want to share with you that I have prosthetic b***s,"

In context it's the funniest thing I've heard this year. Throw in the Skyping while having sex scene, Jacobson pretending she's a parkour expert and having to demonstrate it and the creepy locksmith (see below) and you have the makings of a show which should win awards.

Warning: Not safe for work:

So are you convinced? Let’s make the comments a force for good - share your favourite female comedian shows/sketches and let’s end this ‘women aren’t funny’ rubbish once and for all.

(Incidentally, it should surprise no-one that I went to one show during the Comedy Festival in Auckland - it was Rose Matafeo’s show. It was brilliant, funny and she should be getting her own show on New Zealand television, stat!)