Just when you thought Paul Henry couldn't sink lower...

First of all, many apologies for the lack of updates over the last few weeks. 

Real life tends to get in the way of my fantasy life on occasion and I required a couple of weeks to recover.

The truth is today was always going to be the first blog back. However I'm not sure how many of you will believe that given the subject is, once again, Paul Henry.

Some of you may consider I have some kind of personal vendetta against Henry, that I'm too politically correct or that I just don't get humour.

You are entitled to your opinions, even if I don't agree.

To me it's more fundamental than that. Henry has, through his words and actions, shown himself to be sexist and racist and therefore entirely unworthy of a slot on our televisions.

His latest, while not having drawn the same reaction as previous outrageous utterances, may be his most vile yet.

Wonderful scientist Michelle Dickinson from Auckland University was on Henry's show last night to talk about a few things - organic food and whether its better for us, how doctors could use facial expressions as a measure of just how ill people are and Dickinson's 100 days of science experiments.

The segment was interesting and gave a chance for something widely ignored, science, to be given some valuable time.

However, in true Henry style, the interview ended in a way that was sexist, puerile and should end up with Henry sacked.

Dickinson had been invited by businessman Richard Branson to spend some time on the private Necker Island.

Henry then shows a photograph of Branson hugging Dickinson and then asks the question "Did you have sex with Richard Branson?".

Let that sink in for a moment. Go on. Think about it. "Did you have sex with Richard Branson?"

The fact Dickinson didn't slap Henry or immediately walk out shows she has much more grace than the sexist idiot who asked that question could ever have.

It may be the single foulest thing I've ever heard a professional broadcaster utter.

I wrote a little while ago on covert sexism - the sexism that is there every single moment of every day that is often ignored because it's always been there.

This was a level above that. This was overt sexism - a comment that Henry presumably thought funny but which turned a useful segment into something resembling Ricky Gervais's David Brent at his very worst.

However Brent, as was demonstrated so beautifully in the Office Christmas specials, knew there was a right or wrong and eventually found it.

The moment when he tells Finchy, his supposed friend but just all-round asshole to 'f*** off' is one of the great moments of that show.

Unfortunately Henry isn't a well-written character. This is who he is. He has form.

Usually he escapes, however, courtesy of his enablers at whichever channel he happens to be on at the time.

This time there should be no escape. If TV3 has an ounce of decency left then it should sack Henry now.

This would send a message - a message to broadcasters that they can't get away with stuff like this.

But it would also be a message to women - you will be treated with the same basic respect, decency and humanity our male guests are treated with.

And, let's be honest, why should any female go on that show ever again while there's a chance they could be thrown questions like that?

So TV3, what's it going to be? Are you going to take a stand and do something about Paul Henry?

Or are you going to pretend that his pervasive sexism doesn't contribute to a society in which women can rarely feel safe.

I know what my money is on...