Will Paul Henry take you over the edge?

There comes a time in some television watchers' life when they realise they don't fit into the definition of mainstream.

You may have come to that realisation when everyone around you was enjoying something you found annoying or just plain unfunny. Or it may have been seeing how much money Charlie Sheen earned for Two And A Half Men. (How much? You're bloody kidding me!)

For me it was probably watching Bread one Sunday evening and realising how bad the UK television show was when everyone else seemed to love it. But fear not, there's still hope for those of you who haven't stumbled upon the thing to tip you over the edge. I'm hoping next week's debut of The Paul Henry Show will do it for a large number of you.

After being run out of New Zealand following unfunny and, in my opinion, racist comments, he toddled off to Australia and stunk the place out over there. But fear not - he was on long enough to make comments about asylum seekers that were beyond despicable.

Which makes TV3s decision to reward him with his own show five nights a week a slap in the face for those of us who don't appreciate 'jokes' aimed at the least fortunate in society.

For some of you that will be enough to call me 'politically correct'. I've been called it before and I've come to see it as a badge of pride. For me 'politically correct' is simply a way for the dominant in society to take advantage of those in the minority and try and defend it.

Is Paul Henry politically incorrect? If you buy into those labels then yes. But it's deeper than that for me. I just don't find him funny. It's humour aimed at the lowest common denominator and often at inappropriate times.

Seriously, who thinks it's hilarious to take the piss out of a woman dealing with the health effects of nuclear testing for facial hair? And is this really the kind of person (or audience) that should be rewarded?

Me? I'd rather see Jeremy Wells given another opportunity to entertain. Or maybe we could have some serious journalism instead?

Or failing that 30 minutes of The Daily Show - which is how a person can use humour to actually make serious points rather than simply belittling. But Paul Henry is as close to Jon Stewart as I am to Brad Pitt.

TV3, on its website, realise that some people hate him and are counting on those to watch just to be offended.

Don't believe me? Here's the blurb:

"Paul Henry will call it as he sees it, five days a week. Love him or hate him, The Paul Henry Show will be appointment viewing."

I have a better suggestion.  ust don't give TV3 the privilege of your viewing eyes during this half an hour.

Don't watch in order to complain. Don't watch in order to blast TV3 for their decision. Enjoy the lack of inappropriate jokes and laughter and read a book instead. Or watch your favourite Blackadder episode.

Not only will it keep your blood pressure low, you may help contribute to the show not lasting long.

And that'll help all of us.