It's not all doom and gloom for local TV

I've been quick to bag our local TV channels when they've done horrible things, so it's about time I gave them praise when it's due.

TV3's relaunch of their online app, now branded 3NOW, is to be welcomed - especially as it opens up their shows to the vast majority of mobile devices used in New Zealand.

They are promising more in the future in addition to shows from TV3, Four and 3 News, including original content.

It's just a shame that there is a dearth of great local content to take advantage of those new opportunities.

TV3 are also, belatedly, taking a leaf out of Netflix's book by making the entire first season of excellent show House of Cards available through 3NOW from 23rd February.

The nature of New Zealand - small population and low availability of cheap, quick broadband internet in particular - has left us behind the ball with regards to what's available elsewhere.

That gap finally seems to be closing and that's to be welcomed.

I'll be availing myself of the opportunity to back our local channels by tuning in to all 13 episodes of House of Cards on 3NOW before watching the second series - which launched at the end of last week - on Netflix.

TV3 are also showing what promises to be one of the bigger shows of this year - The Blacklist.

On first watch I found myself a little disengaged due to James Spader's presence - I felt his character, Red Reddington, was a little over the top and took away from the rest of the cast.

I've since had a chance to rewatch the first couple of episodes and it's fair to say I'm enjoying it much better than I was before.

It's not perfect by any means, but if you can overlook the flaws and enjoy where the storyline is taking us then I think it's well worthy of adding to your viewing schedule.

I've really taken to Megan Boone (who plays Elizabeth Keen) and Ryan Eggold (who plays her husband Tom) as actors and Parminder Nagra is always good on screen.

The one jarring issue, for me, is Diego Klattenhoff's character Donald Ressler.

I can buy that an FBI special agent isn't going to be happy working with a serial criminal like Red, but he's almost a walking cliche at this point.

I hope his character softens somewhat during the season otherwise it has the potential to spoil the show for me.

At the risk of turning this into a TV3 love-in, it's also worth celebrating the return of two local shows which are worthy of our support this week.

Jono and Ben at Ten and 7 Days both kick off their new seasons on Friday and both provide long and sustained laughs.

I'll be interesting to see whether in the week that the BBC pledged to have more women on comedy panel shows whether we'll get more of the same in New Zealand.

We have many talented female comedians and having at least one of them on every week would be a great way to highlight their quality.

Speaking of talented comics, I'm hoping that a favourite of mine will get more to do on the coming season of Jono and Ben.

Rose Matafeo is an outstanding talent and has already won the Billy T Award.

After TVNZ U finished up she got her shot on Jono and Ben and made a few appearances during the season, most often, probably, as an actor in skits.

But her bad interviews were particularly memorable and deserve much more promotion - ideally in place of Jono and Ben destroying thousands of dollars of electronic goods as seems to be the norm.

That issue aside (and it really does bug me that they destroy stuff when there are families out there who would be glad of getting a tenth of what they have) Jono and Ben is probably the best comedy show we have so I'll be tuning in.

I'll be keeping an eye on them, however, to ensure they give one of our great comedic talents a bit more to do this season. You've been warned!

Just to prove I'm no TV3 cheerleader, I want to make special mention of a real lowlight - the return of the GC.

If you haven't read my recap of the first episode of the second series then please do so before watching.

In amongst the quality that TV3 can and have delivered, it's odd that this unmitigated crap gets such a huge push.

There's a long way to go but it's hard not to see this taking top spot in my 2014 terrible television awards.