An open letter to The Crowd Goes Wild

Last updated 10:40 02/11/2010

To the team at The Crowd Goes Wild,

I'm not sure if I should be writing this open letter to you guys or if it should be addressed to the brains-trust at Prime TV and Sky, since they are behind the decision to move your show from its regular 7pm slot to the new time of 10.30pm ... or 10.40pm ... or 10.50pm, depending what is on before you.

20101102Regardless, I wanted to pass on my condolences. Your move to a later slot has signalled the beginning of the end for your show since the ratings will slip even further, and you'll eventually be cancelled. It's tragic.

The Crowd Goes Wild needs to be on at 7pm, it's that simple. So what if it was coming last in the ratings behind current affairs stalwarts Close Up and Campbell Live, hospital drama Shortland Street, and repeats of Family Guy?!

TCGW is the most entertaining show of the bunch, and the decision to move to late night is as devastating as Stephen Donald's failure to kick for touch in the 79th minute of the weekend's Bledisloe Cup match in Hong Kong.

Let's be honest: you were never going to drag away the Shortland Street crowd. For a start, those people are far too loyal. Also, to watch Shortland Street I'm pretty sure you have to turn your brain right off and enter a vegetative state. Like Shane Cameron fighting David Tua a few months back. I'm not sure any of those viewers would be capable of operating the remote and switching over to you after three minutes of Shorty.

You were never going to compete with the 7pm offerings on One and TV3 either - people watch those shows without even thinking about it. The best you could hope to do is be a backup. Let people check out what Sainsbury and Campbell have to say, and then switch over to you after a minute or two.

There's no shame in second place. New Zealand's medal haul at the Commonwealth Games taught us that.

You see, the problem at 10.30pm - or 10.40pm, or 10.50pm, depending what's on before you - is that it is far too late for your kind of show. Kiwis are an "early to bed, early to rise" bunch, so you'll completely miss out on the action from a ratings standpoint. It is a work night, after all.

Younger viewers who love your show - like my nine-year-old daughter, who likes to yell "Smashed 'em bro!" every time she sees a game of rugby on the telly - have gone to bed hours earlier too.

Even if people are awake, they're probably fast-forwarding through the adverts on their recording of Outrageous Fortune by the time you hit the airwaves. Aside from Nightline, late-night television has been a disaster zone for years. Viewers have become used to having nothing on, so they're unlikely to flick around and see if anything new has arrived.

So please, I'm begging you: come back to 7pm.

Don't leave me here alone with Sainsbury. We want Mark and Andrew bickering live on air. We want odd reports from James McOnie and blasé voiceovers from Paul Moor. We want coverage of weird sporting events like the Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling Race. We want Melodie Robinson to break down the weekend's rugby. We want "Smashed 'em bro!" to ring out from our television sets, a wakeup call to kick off an action-packed Friday evening.

Though we could probably take or leave Hayley Holt, to be honest.

So give me Andrew Mulligan and Mark Richardson working their way through the day's sports news. Give me McOnie, Moor, Robinson and the rest. Give me segments like One Game at a Time and Hits and Misses. Just give it to me at 7pm, like you once did.

Come back, please. I miss you.

Yours sadly,
Chris Philpott


Are you as sad as I am about The Crowd Goes Wild's departure from 7pm? Or do you think it deserves to be off the TV entirely? Post your messages of support/thoughts about the show below.

Plus, if you feel really strongly, feel free to sign the CGW to 7pm petition - find it online here.

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Some Guy   #1   10:49 am Nov 02 2010

Thank you for this letter and I hope it attracts alot of attention. There has been a massive half hour hole in my life as of late and I terribly miss the weeknight musings of Mulligan, Richardson and co. They helped tremendously to bring the FIFA World Cup and the All Whites into our living rooms this year and it is sad to think that their talent is now being wasted so late at night. Hopefully we can see the return of TCGW to 7pm and once again see that famous brown jacket only the chosen few can wear with pride in the timeslot it derserves.

jords   #2   10:49 am Nov 02 2010

Agree 100%!

This should be forwarded to Prime, I would be happy with the show being anywhere between 6pm and 8pm.


a fan of CGW   #3   10:52 am Nov 02 2010

I agree - i'm an early to bed - early to rise Kiwi Bring back CGW to 7pm !!! Please....

Alice2   #4   10:52 am Nov 02 2010

I can't stand TCGW, and used to just stick with Family Guy. I'd like a decent half hour British comedy or panel show on one channel at 7pm as an option. Of course, this is pretty moot now, as my flat has become a non-TV watching flat until about 8:30pm most evenings. Much more pleasant.

TCGW Fan   #5   10:56 am Nov 02 2010

Very sad the programme is being moved later. Is an awesome show!!! I am also a fan of Hayley Holt on the show. The dynamic between all the presenters is one of the things I love about the show... and of course "SMASHED 'EM BRO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

max   #6   10:56 am Nov 02 2010

Completely agreed. Used to watch it religiously at 7pm. Haven't watched it once at 10:30pm.

Also agree with Hayley Holt, how is she even on the show ( I know why she is) she knows next to nothing about sports

Neil G   #7   10:57 am Nov 02 2010

Chris I agree with you. My 9 yr old son changes the channel at 7pm because TV1 and 3 are too boring and at times, I'm with him. TCGW is simple entertainment that does not have the details of the latest murder, violent assault etc being discussed so bring it back to 7pm and give us an option on TV that we can enjoy.

Rob   #8   10:59 am Nov 02 2010

I say move it to 6.30pm so we don't have to deal with the half ass Sports News on TV1 & 3. Full coverage of all sport at a good time...Simple!

JR   #9   11:02 am Nov 02 2010

Got back from overseas to find it had moved. I thought it had been cancelled until I saw the TV listings. For those without Sky, TCGW is the best way to catch up (other than the internet) with NZ sports, as well as decent coverage from overseas. It was the only thing I ever watched on Prime, and I'm sure I'm not the only one in the that situation. If they are worried about ratings, do they think Home Improvement will be more popular than TCGW? Rigger may not be everyone's cup of tea, but he is much better than that dork Hamish McKay.

Noshow   #10   11:02 am Nov 02 2010

Clearly TCGW doesn't rate; not that doing so has ever automatically saved a show in NZ TV land mind you.

Personally I find the show a bit of a yawn.

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