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Last updated 10:35 19/01/2012

Some subjects just aren't big enough for their own post, or they don't fit with the mission statement of this blog, so I've saved them up and lumped them together here - I call it Random Thoughts. Here we go ...

I COULDN'T BE LESS excited for the return of Absolutely Fabulous (starting tonight on One) and the reason is that I am absolutely fabulously sick to death of Ab-Fab re-runs. I just don't want any part of it. The same goes for Father Ted and The Vicar Of Dibley, for that matter. I've never purposely watched an episode of any of these shows, yet I feel like I've seen every single episode made at least twice.

20120119-1THE MOST UNDER-RATED character on television? I'd like to nominate Chalky White from Boardwalk Empire, played by Michael K "Omar" Williams. How awesome is that first season scene when he tortures the KKK leader; when the klansman asks what he intends to do with a bag of tools, Chalky calmly replies "well, I ain't buildin' no bookcase." Legen - wait for it ... dary.

AS A WHANGAREI RESIDENT, I couldn't possibly be more proud of the fact that Northland-grown cannabis has the highest levels of THC. Northland: New Zealand's first la- ... wait, what were we talking about again?!

DURING A RECENT Allo Allo marathon, it occurred to me that Officer Crabtree, the policeman who pretended to be French and mispronounced everything, was probably a ten-year inspiration for that scene in Inglourious Basterds when Brad Pitt pretends to speak Italian. "Bonn-jore-no."

BEFORE I WAS A TV blogger, I wrote an amateur blog in which I undertook exciting experiments like taste-testing various condiments on dry toast. I can see how that might seem a bit lot dorky. But on the plus side, finding that old post yesterday gave me a perfect idea for dinner and a great use for that leftover satay sauce.

THE DOWN SIDE OF my 'no downloading' resolution is that Breaking Bad starts again in June-July. Unrelated, but does it still count as downloading if I make someone else get it for me? I'm, uhh, asking for a friend.

THE REAL PROBLEM WITH those new Drug Driving advertisements (you know the ones: a passenger jumps in a van, and the driver says something like "bear with me, I just took an ecky") is that they aren't realistic. When was the last time you took drugs and felt like doing anything, let alone driving a passenger van?! Getting high and then driving strangers around town sounds like the eighth level of hell.

MY ONLY THOUGHT AFTER each new episode of Harry's Law is that I really miss Boston Legal.

A FEW OUTSTANDING THOUGHTS from the Golden Globes: Ricky Gervais shouldn't be allowed to host again after that terrible opening monologue ... Zooey Deschanel is hotter than her sister, and that's my final word on the subject ... Kate Winslet won an award for acting? Wow, that never happens! ... Matt LeBlanc won an award for acting? Wow, that never happens! ... No, really, Matt LeBlanc never wins awards for acting ... Shailene Woodley's Vibram Five Finger shoes make Crocs look like a classy footwear selection ... Claire Danes may have deserved her Best TV Actress award for Homeland more than anyone has ever deserved anything ever ... Best Picture at the Oscars? The Help. Lock it in.

I'M NOT USUALLY ONE for protesting about political stuff - it's not that I don't care (I absolutely do care), but that I don't always know all the facts and other writers generally do a better job of explaining things than I ever could. However, I do need to tell you how terrified I am of this SOPA/PIPA thing - and not just because Wikipedia has saved my butt on this blog more than once. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) are two pieces of legislation before US Congress right now that aim to stop piracy, but which could inhibit or block many of the freedoms we enjoy online, as well as effectively providing large companies with a mandate to block anything related to their work for any reason. I don't know what we can do from NZ, but read more about it here, check out Henry Cooke's blog about it here (or have a giggle over at and make sure you voice your disgust in this ridiculous legislation on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you hang out online.

MY OTHER NEW YEAR'S Resolution, which I conveniently left out of last week's blog post: I've decided to watch every new episode of Shortland Street, from Monday's return until sometime after the show's 20th anniversary in May. If I don't make it, Moata can have my Walking Dead comics, fashionista Bronwyn can have my Lost t-shirt, and Simon can have my Classic Albums DVDs. Yes, this is a life-or-death situation. Please tell my family I love them.

20120119-2SPIELBERG: "Basically the film is an epic and emotional journey through the dense battlefields of Europe during World War I, that will build a sense of hope in viewers." Studio: "I don't know, Steve, it sounds kinda la-." Spielberg: "The main character is a horse." Studio: "TAKE ALL THE MONEY WE HAVE." (I'm 80 per cent sure this is how War Horse got made.)

FOR ALL THE COMPLAINTS about reruns of Friends, I'd be willing to bet that you can't name me five half-hour sitcoms that could appeal to as wide an audience that would work in that 6.30pm timeslot.

LASTLY, LIKE MANY OTHERS, I'm in mourning about the Big Day Out.'s Russell Brown hit the nail on the head in his wonderful ode to the departing festival, saying "It was more than music. Through the Big Day Out's heyday, it functioned as a window on popular culture". I've always believed that if you ruled BDO out because of the names you recognise on the schedule then you've probably missed the point - it was always more fun to take a chance on a few unfamiliar acts or spend a couple of hours people-watching from a comfy spot in the stadium. Plus, how many fantastic bands have we seen that might not have toured to New Zealand otherwise? We got to see Muse grow up as a live band, take in a performance from living legend Neil Young, go bonkers with Dizzee Rascal and 20,000 other punters, and flip the bird into the air with Rage Against The Machine - and that's just in the last few years. This Friday will be my lucky 13th BDO, with Soundgarden headlining both my first (1997) and my last. It will be sadly missed.

What have you been thinking about lately - TV-related or otherwise? Share your random thoughts with the class ...

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noodle   #1   10:57 am Jan 19 2012

Chris, have you seen the other show that whoever (Kelsey Grammar maybe?) beat Damian Lewis for Best Actor? Because I haven't and I am firmly of the opinion that he was ROBBED for that freakin' award - the scene at the cabin ("he was kind to me and I loved him") and the entire 84 damn minutes of the finale I just can't understand how anyone, ever, could have out-acted him or whatever they judge this stuff on..

Hastley   #2   11:03 am Jan 19 2012

My random thoughts... you could relate your THC thoughts to the TV prog WEEDS... I think Ricky Gervais made the Globes boring ON PURPOSE so he'd never have to do it again; i'm convinced of it! ... I'm gutted I missed Shorties last night becasue I want to see if Hunter died; it was predictable and not sad about Jill (she was very annoying character) but when they did the overdose thing with Hunter it was finally getting exciting! And I loved the Gabrielle moment the other night when she told Rachel she'd had Chris! Brilliant!!!... I own the entire 10 seasons of Friends - I admit it; I'm a Friends freak! So I am one of the few people in NZ who love the reruns :)

JessL   #3   11:03 am Jan 19 2012

Wow that was quite a whirl wind of thoughts!

Things I have been thinking about! How hot the guy is in the office over the road. How do I communicate with him???? Lol.

Agree with your thoughts on the drug ads! Also you don't actually TELL people when you are pasted! You just sit quietly on the couch dreaming of toast or you go rage it up in town.. not drive around town like a Knob end... (Not that I have ever / do drugs.. just guessing!)

I can't work out how to plug in my DVD player, which has meant that I can't watch "The Tribe" which my mother gave to me for Xmas. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.. remember that show? Seemed so good when I was 12!

If I go running twice a day every day, how many days can I go until I have to wash my hair? (Trial currently running)

No one else is in the office today except me. Kinda feel like going home at lunch and getting changed into shorts and jandals and bringing my dog in to keep me company!

Mike   #4   11:04 am Jan 19 2012

So.... you slam Father Ted, yet stick up for Friends? Lay off the drugs, maaaan.

tp   #5   11:08 am Jan 19 2012

How breaking bad wasn't nominated for best drama at the globes, for me, completely undermines the shows integrity. Best show on television (well not New Zealand television yet...).

Graeme Edgeler   #6   11:10 am Jan 19 2012

About Friends re-runs: I'm pretty sure you're absolutely right. TVNZ has tried airing other shows in the Friends slot, and they do not rate as well; for all the complaints that people have about repeats of Friends, they still get more viewers than anything else in that timeslot.

That said, maybe, if instead of airing one show five nights a week, they aired five shows on different nights in some "classic comedy" slot, and gave them a bit of a promotion, they might do slightly better. Would I watch, I don't know, The Monkees, five nights a week? No. But everything Thursday at 6:30? Maybe. Get really out there: maybe they can bring something back from the dead.

Shenanigans   #7   11:10 am Jan 19 2012

I don't need 5 examples, just one. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Best sitcom of all time, hands down.

Myke   #8   11:25 am Jan 19 2012

Lets get one thing straight: Ab Fab Rocks! and for these reasons. It's not whiney/stoned/gen X americans who have make a living from being self absorbed. Jennifer Saunders actually IS funny. Solid performances from a solid cast. Still not american. Factoid: Jennifer sometimes wears a 'fat suit' with some of her outfits. Yes, I agree they have have had more repeats than a Chilli Garlic Kabab after 8 pints, but that's only par for the course for NZ telly. Atleast it's not bloody 90210! We need more late night sci-fi.

raymond   #9   11:35 am Jan 19 2012

Chris, your column today is rock and roll. I like.

Jo   #10   11:39 am Jan 19 2012

1. I love Chalky White as well 2. I love The Oatmeal (go the Bobcats) 3. I REALLY miss Wikipedia, and it hasn't even been gone very long 4. I would rather have reruns of Seinfeld instead of more Friends 5. I really like that cute kitten picture

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