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20:22, Feb 07 2012

It's been an eventful few days: my daughter started intermediate school, I finally got to change my relationship status on Facebook to something other than "single", my amazing sister is putting me to shame by competing in a duathlon, I bought myself a new car, picked up a new laptop, and my incredible mum is celebrating her [redacted]th birthday today (by the way: happy birthday, Mum!*)

Little wonder, then, that I'm stumbling around the house in a daze and wondering what the heck just happened. But that's not all - I've got questions, and lots of them. Here are a few things I've been pondering in the last few days ...

Who on earth would be happy to pay $39.95 for a Sonny Bill Williams pay-per-view?! Does anyone even take SBW's boxing career seriously? Aside from Anthony Mundine, of course - but I don't think we can trust the judgment of a man who nicknamed himself "The Man". By the way, I'm convinced SBW will leave rugby before the end of the year. I have nothing to back that up, I just think it's going to happen ... which means that, as a fan of the mighty resilient Waikato Chiefs, every team announcement will be an exciting event, like a sick form of rugby roulette. "Is SBW on there? YES!"**

Why am I so excited about the Two & A Half Men S9 premiere?! I don't like Ashton Kutcher. In fact, if I was casting a movie, I'd probably choose Charlie Sheen ahead of him; I've said it before: Sheen is a fantastic actor. If you don't believe me, check out Wall Street. Nor am I a fan of Two & A Half Men, as regular readers will know. Despite this, I'm really looking forward to Kutcher's debut on one of my least favourite comedies. Purely from a TV reviewing standpoint, it'll be interesting to see how Charlie is farewelled, and how Ashton is shoehorned into the show. Plus, there's a good chance Men might be even worse than before. That would be delightful.

Why is Piri Weepu bottle-feeding his six-month-old daughter such a big deal for pro-breastfeeding groups?! Surely we should be celebrating any situation in which a sports star is doing something other than getting drunk, crashing a scooter and assaulting Rarotongans in the nude.

Why doesn't anyone think Chris Lilley is racist?! Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't S.Mouse, a rapper Lilley plays on recent show Angry Boys, just a blackface send-up of stereotypical African-American hip-hop culture? I'm not making a judgment either way, but I find it intriguing that Lilley is left untouched when racism - especially, it seems, in Australia - is such a major issue. I can only assume it's because racism isn't actually racist if it's meant as comedy. Or something.


How much will I miss Nathan on Misfits?! The Irish misfit, played by Robert Sheehan, left the show after the third series (explained away in this internet-only clip), and I'll admit I was concerned as he was the comedy centre of the show. I needn't have worried though: new character Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) is just as funny, and might be a better character all round - especially in those moments when the two versions of him share the screen.

Would I have enjoyed being a fly on the wall at Guyon Espiner's wedding?! Yes. Yes, I would have enjoyed that. Apparently TV3 political editor Duncan Garner was best man, Breakfast host Corin Dann served as a groomsman, and former Labour MP Darren Hughes served as MC. A room full of TVNZ and TV3 staff mixing it up with a smattering of politicians? Sign me up!

Why am I so surprised at how good Frozen Planet is?! When I was younger, I loved Sir David Attenborough's wildlife shows - heck, I still own copies of Life on Earth, The Living Planet and The Trials of Life. Despite this, I've been enjoying Frozen Planet as if it were the first great wildlife series I've ever seen. I'm in awe for the duration of every episode, as though I'm looking at the world with fresh eyes. I love it with all my heart.

Wait ... there was a game of American football on Monday?! You'd be forgiven for wondering if any football was played at the Super Bowl, when every news story since the game is about the commercials, or Madonna's half-time show, or MIA's misbehaving, or Katy Perry's pre-game performance, or Clint Eastwood's political ideas, or Gisele Bundchen, or Randy Travis getting DUI'd ... okay, yes, this whole paragraph was just a ruse to link to the commercials. I quite liked that post-apocalyptic Chevy ad, though I'm wondering why LMFAO are licensing their songs to stupid commercials like this and this. Oh right, insane amounts of money.

So what lingering questions do you have from the last few days?  What have you been pondering? Post your questions in the comments section below, and let's see if we can get some answers for you ...

(*) A shout-out on the blog is as good as a present, right?! I hope so.

(**) SBW lovers: you're welcome.

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