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Just under a month ago, I asked you to name some of your favourite moments from NZ's top-rated soap opera, in an effort to create the Top 20 Greatest Moments in Shortland Street History (as voted by On The Box readers) - and you did: at last count, 140 of you named around 55 different standout moments from throughout the show's run.

Since we need to whittle the list down to a Top 20, I've been through all your responses (as well as a few on Facebook and Twitter) and put together a list of 33 nominees for the top spot.

This is where I need your help, so here's what I need you to do:

Have a look through the following list of 33 nominees - figure out your five favourites, and post their numbers in the comments section below. Don't worry about listing them in order, there are no prizes for weighting. The 20 moments that get the most votes will make the final list.


01) Joey (Johnny Barker) jumps to his death from the roof of a storage building, after Kieran (Adam Rickitt) realises he is the Ferndale Strangler, bringing one of the most successful story arcs in the shows history to a close. (2008)

02) The very first episode spawns the most famous line in the show's history: "You're not in Guatemala now, Dr Ropata," spoken by Nurse Carrie (Lisa Crittenden) to Dr Hone (Temuera Morrison). (1993)

03) Steve (Andrew Binns) and TP (Elizabeth Skeen) are killed when the car they were travelling in crashes and explodes, following an argument between Steve and Chris (Michael Galvin), as TP's partner Sam (Rene Naufahu) looks on. (1994)

04) Carmen (Theresa Healey) is injured and hospitalised after a truck crashes into the hospital, dying of a brain aneurysm mere moments after declaring her love for Guy (Craig Parker). (1995)

05) She-villain MacKenzie (Ingrid Park) blows up the clinic in an effort to kill Oscar (Christopher Brown) and escape with the money he was embezzling from the hospital. (1999)

06) Ellen (Robyn Malcolm) and David (Peter Elliott) lose baby Rose to cot death. (1997)

07) A pregnant Tiffany (Alison James) falls from the roof of a building after talking a suicidal man down; the accident leaves her brain-dead and forces Johnny (Stelios Yiakmis) to decide whether to try to save the baby by keeping her on life support. (1998)

08) Darryl (Mark Ferguson) spikes Chris's drink and locks him in a barn, following a stag night ahead of Chris's second attempt at marrying Alison (Danielle Cormack), causing Chris to miss the wedding and Alison to leave the country. (1993)

09) Nick (Karl Burnett) and Rachel (Angela Bloomfield) marry in protest against the student allowance system. (1995)

10) Stuart (Martin Henderson) stands up and declares his love for Kirsty (Angela Dotchin) at her wedding to Lionel (John Leigh) in the final episode of the year. (1994)

11) All Blacks stars Keven Mealamu, Anthony Boric and Jerome Kaino make a cameo appearance on the opening night of Rugby World Cup 2011. (2011)

12) Carla (Elisabeth Easther) kills husband Bernie (Tim Bartlett) by smacking him with a candlestick, after an earthquake strikes Ferndale - and Bernie is only dazed, not dead. Fun fact: this was the first on-screen murder on Shortland Street. (1996)

13) In the midst of their affair, Donna (Stephanie Tauevihi) and Rangi (Blair Strang) discover they are brother and sister, which causes Rangi to start drinking and Donna to leave town. (2000)

14) Jay (Jaime Passier-Armstrong) starts an affair with Dylan (Paul Glover), behind the back of her wife Maia (Anna Jullienne). (2006)

15) Lionel goes missing, presumed drowned, after mysteriously disappearing on the day of his wedding to Mackenzie. (1999)

16) Nick and Waverley (Claire Chitham) marry on their second attempt, after Fergus (Paul Ellis) ruined the first attempt by kidnapping Waverley from the registry office. (2002)

17) Dominic (Shane Cortese) burns himself to death after attempting to kill Chris as a last-ditch effort to cover up his murder of Avril (Kate Elliott). (2004)

18) Fergus is forced to flee his wedding to Waverley after the police arrive to arrest him for his involvement in an illegal immigration scam. (2001)

19) Carrie gives birth to triplets, despite expecting twins, after accepting sperm donations from Hone, Chris, Guy and Steve. (1993)

20) Darryl dies after falling overboard while attempting to murder Kirsty on board her house-boat, the Toroa; she was confronting him about faulty drugs he had provided to patients. (1995)

21) Greg (Tim Balme) and Caroline (Tandi Wright) ride off into the sunset, on the back of Greg's motorbike. (1999)

22) Kieran plunges off a cliff to his death after a drawn-out struggle against Thai gang members. (2010)

23) Shortland Street CEO Huia (Nicola Kawana) is killed by a car bomb intended for a pharmaceutical rep who was attempting to expose international drug company Scott-Spear. (2006)

24) Li Mei (Li Ming Hu) dies, a victim of the Stryker virus that caused the entire hospital to be quarantined. (2006)

25) Maia and Jay celebrate their civil union at Parnell Rose Gardens, as protesters from Serenity Church congregate nearby. (2006)

26) Dominic kills Avril by drowning her in a bath while The Chills' Pink Frost plays in the background. (2004)

27) Waverley cuts off Nick's hair while he sleeps, causing him to call off their impending nuptials. (1999)

28) Rangi tries to stop Rachel from drink-driving, but ends up pinned between the car and the wall after Rachel passes out behind the wheel, as exhaust fumes fill the air. (1996)

29) Sarah (Amanda Billing) gives birth to Tillie on the side of a country road, after going into labour during the wedding of ex-boyfriend TK (Ben Mitchell) and Roimata (Shavaughn Ruakere). (2011)

30) Shannon (Amber Curreen) reveals to Tama (David Wikaira-Paul) that she is pregnant; sadly, baby Ngakau dies of a Streptococcus B infection soon after birth. (2002)

31) Tania (Faye Smythe) and gang member Kingi (Te Kohe Tuhaka) are nearly killed after it's revealed that Kingi is a police informant and the gang tries to take retribution. (2008)

32) Tom (Adrian Keeling) goes out to get milk, disappearing for eight months and forcing Marj (Elizabeth McRae) to go on Holmes and appeal for information. (1993)

33) Jill (Natalie Medlock) is accidentally killed and Daniel (Ido Drent) badly injured after they try to stop Hunter (Lee Donoghue) from going through with a robbery at a nearby chemist. (2011)

So, over to you now: Vote for your five favourite Shortland Street moments by listing their numbers in the blog comments below. I'll be back with the Top 20 Greatest Moments in Shortland Street History (and a couple of surprises) closer to the anniversary in late May!

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