The end of The GC is only the beginning

Last updated 08:25 21/06/2012

As you wake up this morning, perhaps sipping on a coffee as you read through a few news stories online, perhaps sitting at your desk enjoying a few moments of respite in an otherwise frantic work day, I'm here to deliver a troubling yet undeniable truth: love it or hate it, The GC is a hit show.

20120621Despite opinions on the show landing all over the spectrum - my favourite: "calling it car crash TV is offensive to car crashes" - there is no doubt that the show was a massive success, making its debut with more than 370,000 viewers and averaging 297,000 viewers for its first seven episodes (last night's ratings were unavailable at the time of writing), plus countless others watching the show on TV3+1, TV3 On Demand, and on time-shifting devices.

Don't believe that the show is a hit? Rosanna Arkle from The GC is taking on Jamie Ridge in a boxing match*, even though her only real claim to fame in this country is that she starred in The GC. And if the post-season activities of the Jersey Shore cast are anything to go by, it's probably the first of many, many public appearances by Rosanna, Tame, Jade-Louise and the other "neffs" and "aunties" from the show we all love to hate.

The fallout from the success of The GC doesn't stop there, either. The show has singlehandedly proven that trashy reality television featuring home-grown personalities can absolutely work in primetime. A green-light for Rolling with the Ridges is a formality at this point. No wonder poor Jamie has been thrust into a boxing ring with Rosanna - the producers probably realised that rolling with the Ridges wasn't actually much fun, so gave her something to do.

It's not going to stop there either, folks. Once Were Warriors star Temuera Morrison mentioned during a radio interview this week that his family is involved in developing a reality show. Mingling with the Morrisons? Guess Who's Coming for Some F**kin' Eggs, perhaps? At least it can't be any worse than anything the Ridges are doing.

Honestly, learning about Tem's foray into reality TV was almost as confusing as seeing Clint Eastwood in commercials for Mrs Eastwood & Company. Of course, there's an 80 per cent chance Clint has no idea the E! Channel even exists.

It's not just famous people either: the latest round of funding from NZ On Air includes nearly $1,000,000 for a show called NZ Story, which OnFilm described as a show "that will reveal insights into the lives of a cross section of very different New Zealanders". I can't wait to find out if other Kiwis hang their singlets over the heater in the morning, too.

So yes, the future of trashy reality television in this country is so bright we're gonna have to wear shades. Preferably a pair of shades endorsed by a member of the extended Ridge or Morrison families, worn over a GC-branded T-shirt.

Are you excited by the prospect of more trashy reality shows in prime time? Are there any prominent Kiwis you'd like to see followed around for 8 to 10 episodes? And did you make it to the end of The GC? What did you think?

(*) The safe money is on Rosanna. Take it from me: Whangarei girls know how to rumble.

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m0rph3us   #1   08:52 am Jun 21 2012

I saw about 2 minutes of The GC by accident. It was hideous. Seriously, in what world does it make sense that TVNZ7 is being shut down and yet we can find taxpayer funding for total dross like the GC? Sad, sad, sad.

Scott   #2   08:54 am Jun 21 2012

This is why I barely watch television any more. Its now irrelevant for anyone who has an IQ bigger than their shoe size.

Johan   #3   09:10 am Jun 21 2012

I am so excited I could pee!

But seriously what is it with wanting to watch shows about other people's lifes? Is there that many people in NZ who secretly loathe their own lives so much they have to watch a so called celeb's life?

whats the bet 'the cross section of very different New Zealanders' will only include Politically correct New Zealanders who live close to where the production staff live.

Jo   #4   09:23 am Jun 21 2012

Chris, do yourself a favour and leave this planet asap. And while you're at it, pick me up en route. People of vague intelligence, wit or charm are just not welcome here. Only crass, loud, vulgar and "I'MA MUTHAF**A ORESOME" are permitted. Adieu, Earth....

bOb   #5   09:28 am Jun 21 2012

Depends on how it was done. I personally would find it interesting to see how a B (maybe C) grade actor like Tem works in hollywood - how he gets rolls, does he do conventions, does he get recognised etc. If it's a reality show that shows that aspect - great. If it's just a here's the family of a semi-famous person that happens to be a kiwi then I really wouldnt care.

samm   #6   09:31 am Jun 21 2012

Given the timings of when it was announced compared to when the GC debuted (too soon for any real judgement of "Hit" status), I'm thinking the boxing match thing is more indicative of a pre-arranged publicity stunt than anything to do with the show's actual ratings hit-wise.

Leon   #7   09:50 am Jun 21 2012

Never so much as seen a second of the show. Reality shows don't push my buttons in a good way. So I'm definitely not contributing to the ratings :-)

Couldn't be less interested in the show (or any of it's ilk).

TheGCisfinallyover   #8   10:14 am Jun 21 2012

I was so happy to hear that this dumb trash about plastic show pony idiots was over last night, it was not a highly rated show, don't buy into the lies that TV3 and the producer of that braindead show tell you.

Reality TV is a joke and I really hope someoneone with a brain doesn't subject the country to the worthless Ridge's's all pathetic and really desperate.

Hazzard County Cricket Club   #9   10:16 am Jun 21 2012

I would like to see a reality show starring Dave Yetton and the recording of the new Stereo Bus album.

GMan   #10   10:19 am Jun 21 2012

Did you actually watch the episode last night before doing your GC rant part 2 Chris? If you did you would have seen Cole, after six weeks of hard work finally opened his MMA gym as well as Jade Louise recording her first single. Both I thought were great examples to Māori youth that good things are possible.

If the "ghost chips" ads have shown anything its that you need to be creative to get traction with Māori, particularly youth. The same old documentary style format isn't going to cut it. Surely if this show results in some Maori realising that there is another way and lifting themselves out of poverty that is a good thing?

I agree that the show is overly scipted and edited and can be a bit hit and miss but I'm still puzzled by the hate it engenders. My question is, if it did not have a Māori focus, would the hate be as strong?

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