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Last updated 10:38 24/08/2012

Another treat for you, the faithful readers of On the Box: Shane Cortese and Blair Strang - two of the stars from Kiwi show Nothing Trivial, which returns this Sunday at 8.30pm (One) - have kindly offered to answer a few of your questions. So, got something you'd love to ask them, either about this show or anything else, make sure you submit your questions in the comments section below. I'll run their answers next Friday, right here.

(Don't bother asking for their cell numbers, ladies. They won't be giving those out.)

20120824As for Nothing Trivial itself, not too much is known. The new season will presumably deal with the fledgling relationship between Brian (Strang) & Emma (Debbie Newby-Ward), as well as Mac's (Cortese) decision not to act on his feelings for Catherine (Tandi Wright) following his son's devastating accident. I assume Michelle (Nicole Whippy) will be doing Michelle-type things. It also seems that Will Hall (a wonderful, underrated local talent) and Aaron Ward, who play Sex on a Stick nemesis Cory and the nameless quizmaster respectively, will be bigger parts of this season.

We're told we might even learn the quizmaster's name. Gasp!

Faux-shock aside, I'm actually a big fan of Nothing Trivial, and am excited to see it returning for a second season. More than any individual storylines, I just loved the camaraderie that developed over the course of the season. Sitting down for an episode of Nothing Trivial wasn't just like sitting down for a TV show - it sometimes felt like catching up with a group of friends.

That effect was partly due to characters and performances, but a big chunk of the credit goes to the writers - led by Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan - who gave each episode a gregarious feel. By having characters tell their own stories on screen, through flashbacks and monologues, it had the effect of chatting with a friend over coffee. Like I say, it wasn't like that all the time, but it was a very subtle way of telling the story on occasion.

Anyway, enough rambling from me; I'm sure I'll have a few thoughts as the season moves on. In the meantime ...

Submit your questions for Shane Cortese and Blair Strang from Nothing Trivial in the comments below - and check back next Friday to see if your question got answered.

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maz   #1   11:19 am Aug 24 2012

I don't have any questions - just a comment for Shane. I think Mac & Catherine have great chemistry on screen, I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses this season - maybe (hopefully) Jules will get a smack?.

Also I don't associate Mac at all with Hayden Peters, which is quite strange when I think about how many times I've watched Outrageous Fortune.

lj   #2   12:49 pm Aug 24 2012

Are they free to cat-sit next weekend?

Jim   #3   01:08 pm Aug 24 2012

When will there be an episode that doesn't feel like a Shortland St reunion at the pub?

Alan   #4   01:23 pm Aug 24 2012

Why not put "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on at 8:30pm?

wazza2222   #5   03:03 pm Aug 24 2012

'Cell numbers'? What did you guys get imprisoned for?

Ben R   #6   02:34 pm Aug 25 2012

Will the gorgeous Jo be back this season?

Jewels   #7   via mobile 09:03 pm Aug 26 2012

Huge fan of Nothing Trivial, was on the same flight from Whakatane to Auckland with Shane today, so unfriendly and unapproachable. Last on the plane first off. What a shame!

Katy   #8   09:16 am Sep 11 2012

More of Aaron Ward, yay! Definitely an under-appreciated NZ talent.

Alicia   #9   via mobile 09:47 pm Nov 11 2012

Does Michelle commit suicide in the season finale ?

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