The Almighty Johnsons - cancelled?

Last updated 13:22 07/09/2012

Social media has lit up this morning with news that The Almighty Johnsons has been cancelled after two seasons, leaving an open ending that fans will possibly never see resolved. But has it?

Members of the cast and crew took to Twitter to voice their complaints. Star Emmett Skilton tweeted "Sadly friends, Odins quest has ended for now.. It was such a great pleasure to create and share the world with each and every one of you."

Series creator James Griffin stated in a brief interview that efforts to bring the show back as a third season and as a telemovie that could wrap up the second season cliffhangers had both been declined by TV3. He said "it's far from ideal, not a great state of affairs".

TV3 has told me that negotiations between it and South Pacific Pictures are ongoing and that there's been no final decision on a third season. But cast and crew involved on the show say they've been told differently.


The Almighty Johnsons was arguably New Zealand's best current hour-long show - a cult favourite with a reasonably large and loyal audience, a show that consistently delivered some of the most interesting and ambitious television ever produced in New Zealand. Johnsons was a showcase for the kind of talent we have in this country - the likes of Griffin and Rachel Lang, both innovative storytellers who aspire to greatness and find unique ways to tell their original stories.

The Almighty Johnsons has also been picked up overseas, airing in primetime in Australia, Brazil, Canada and Britain, where it joined cult favourites like BuffytThe Vampire Slayer, Eureka and Warehouse 13 on SyFy UK.

The show boasts large contingents of fans here, as well as in Canada and the UK, and became a kind of event on Twitter in New Zealand, where fans would watch and devour each new episode together, joined by members of the cast and crew.

Baffling, then, that TV3 has turned down a third season, cancelling the show despite the open ending at the conclusion of Season 2 and despite informally committing to a third season in the past. Barring some god-like miracle, we've seen the last of Axl, Mike, and the rest of the Johnson clan*.

There is a huge part of me that is gutted by this news - and I'm not willing to give the Johnsons up so easily. Even though I know any attempt to save the show is probably futile, I still have to give it a try - and I'm going to need your help if it is to have any chance of success.

Here are four ways you can help try to get The Almighty Johnsons back on the air:


I've started a petition to save the show here. Please sign it and share it with as many people as possible.


I've set up a Facebook page here, or search on Facebook for Oh My God, Save The Almighty Johnsons. Also, if you're on Twitter, you can mention @TV3nz and use the hashtag #savethejohnsons when sharing the petition.


You can send emails to TV3 voicing your displeasure with this decision by clicking here.


Hey, it worked for Jericho and Chuck ... if you want to be really awesome, you could try mailing a small twig - symbolising Yggdrasil, the fictional "tree of life" from the show - to the below address:

Programming Department
Private Bag 92624
Symonds Street

A quick response is critical - the more time that passes, the less chance there is that everyone can get together to make it happen. Please sign the petition, join the Facebook page, email TV3 and/or send a twig to the TV3 office as soon as possible - and encourage your friends to do so, too.

If this campaign fails, at least I've got the Season 1 and Season 2 DVDs to fall back on. I'll remember The Almighty Johnsons as one of the great Kiwi shows of my time here at On the Box, and I wish all the cast and crew the absolute best for whatever they do next. You, and the show, will be sorely missed.

What do you think of the news that The Almighty Johnsons has been cancelled?

(*) In other news, Hounds also got cancelled, but New Zealand's Got Talent starts on Sunday and The Ridges starts next Wednesday. Seriously, what the hell is going on with NZ TV?

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aa   #1   01:31 pm Sep 07 2012

what a surprise, something homegrown that was good to watch - but I supposed something had to go so there was time for the ridges - god help us.

...Louise...   #2   01:33 pm Sep 07 2012


Can't they remake it (but maybe kill-off KKH - she's really annoying and replace her with Jaime Passier-Armstrong, Alice Englert or Michala Banas

SW   #3   01:35 pm Sep 07 2012

Just aweful. Why do we have to watch rubbish TV when there is such a great programme right here, with local talent and content. Shame on you, TV NZ.

grumpy now   #4   01:36 pm Sep 07 2012

I for one completely agree with your footnote - what is going on with NZ TV. I am completely sick of 'reality' shows, particularly ones that replace actual shows, where some talent in writing, acting, directing and producing and everything else that goes into making a show with a story line, is required.

I will never watch reality tv.

Donna   #5   01:47 pm Sep 07 2012

No!!! This is the best show they have produced for years!!! So far I've signed the petition, liked it on Facebook (and shared it) and I'll do the rest as you suggest

No Surprises   #6   01:51 pm Sep 07 2012

Of course they need to cancel such a great show.

After the GC, TV3 had no NZ on Air budget left.......

m0rph3us   #7   01:51 pm Sep 07 2012

Completely gutted about this. The Johnsons was a great watch, well-written, ambitious and with some great characters. It is a real shame that it has been canned, especially when both networks seem hell-bent on throwing money at utter dross like The GC and The Ridges.

I will also miss hitting the pause button just to freeze-frame on some of Olaf's hilariously funny faces. Ben Barrington was scene-stealing. As was Thor. All the cast were great though. Damn shame.

Hannah   #8   01:52 pm Sep 07 2012

The office flower arrangement just got raided.... Twig is on its way.

Jason   #9   01:52 pm Sep 07 2012

I Thought this was An American Idea ie cancelling popular shows mid story without reason.

And Hounds as well. Just proves its all about the bucks cheaper to get a couple C listers to do realty TV show rather than do decent Scripted shows.

mzmoo   #10   01:55 pm Sep 07 2012

Nooooooo! Do TV programmers actually pay any attention to what viewers want to watch? I'm not going to be tuning into the Ridges, or yet another cooking show, or another "lets get people to act like complete idiots" show. Quality homegrown drama is hard to come by, so why ditch what is obviously a winner?

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