Guest post: Not excited for Glee S4

Today's guest post is written by Jess Etheridge, journalist for the North Shore Times, previous OTB contributor, and a damn fine woman (all things considered). Since she's also a reformed Glee fan, I've invited her to share a few thoughts on the fourth season, starting tonight, 7.30 on Four, as part of their Fast Four campaign. Thanks for helping out, Jess! - Chris

Eep! I'm writing for On the Box! Which is a total honour but also terrifying at the same time. Chris has run away overseas (I believe Glee's imminent return has chased him away!) so I'm here to give you my take on the musical tween show. Be kind, trolls!

(Warning: this post contains spoilers for the fourth season of Glee.)

First, I have a confession to make (though it's not really a "confession" when I've been blasting it on Twitter for months): I'm no longer a fan of Glee. Gasp! "But you wrote about it on Chris' blog previously & you loved it, didn't you?!" you may say.

Well, sorta.

See the one thing I didn't mention at the time was by the end of season two I'd already had enough of the lack of continuity, equality and great storylines for each character, not to mention the fact a lot of the "jokes" are based on stereotypes.

It's not all about Will's crazy mash-ups!

So I switched off. After Dianna Agron's character Quinn (probably my favourite actor/character from the show) was in a car crash I switched off mentally from the show. I watched a couple more episodes, I quite liked the friendship that developed between Quinn and Artie but that was about it for me. Not to mention Rachel and Finn's wedding made me heave.

I don't know what happened at the end of last season and I don't care anymore. This is how a group of writers turns a show with a lot of potential into a joke.

What do I think is going to happen in season four? Well thanks to the Internet, we know mostly how the first episode will go: Rachel and Kurt (eventually) move to New York City and the show is going to become a strange show-within-a-show type setup. Around the beginning of the US summer holidays many of the cast members were quoted in several stories as saying writer Ryan Murphy's idea for the next season was "ground-breaking". The show-within-a-show seems to be what they were referring to. There were calls across the internet for a Rachel and Kurt spinoff show, which would've been fabulous but Murphy dismissed any spinoff plans.

You've got the graduated Lima High glee kids (Finn, Puck, Santana etc) trying to figure out their futures and then a new crop of kids auditioning for New Directions, and I assume the latest winner of The Glee Project will pop up somewhere along the way.

What should be interesting this season: Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson. It's a big deal to have those two sign on to be recurring characters. I've read SJP will be Kurt's boss after he gets an internship at Vogue. This may actually be the only great storyline on the show as Kurt will be working in a cool environment and will be away from any romantic interest (hopefully). Believe it or not, but some of the best stories are about self-development and career rather than "oh I love THIS person and will spend ALL OF THE TIME with them".

Alas, Glee has run its course. It has had some great moments (Don't Rain on My Parade, sung by Lea Michele in season one, remains my favourite moment of the entire series) and has launched the careers of several members of the cast, particularly Chris Colfer. He's published a children's storybook (which was on the New York Times bestsellers list), written, directed and starred in his first feature film which was incredibly well received by critics, and is basically BFFs with everyone in Hollywood.

But I just feel sad for the show and its crew. It's no longer unique with TV show Smash also starting in New Zealand and receiving rave reviews for its first season in the States. Glee deserves a good send-off though. I've spent at least three years of my life with it and it only feels fitting that if (hopefully) this is the last season, it gets it right. I'll give the first episode of this season a go but I think that's it, for me.

Well that's just what I think. Are you still watching Glee? What did you think of last season? What do you hope to see this season? Can SJP and Kate Hudson save Glee? Let me know in the comments below!

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