TV-related Christmas pressies

20:53, Jan 06 2013

Well, we're back. Happy new year!

I'm sure there is plenty to talk about as we get into the year 2013, and I'm sure we'll cover plenty of that in the coming weeks (being that early January is pretty slow, television-wise). So let's start with a rather simple and much more materialistic question: what interesting, TV-related gifts did you find under the tree this Christmas just past?

Before you tear into me for asking such a superficial question, I know Christmas isn't about gifts. My favourite thing about the Christmas period is that it's a time for family; doing dinner on Christmas Eve and taking in a carol service, enjoying a champagne breakfast on Christmas Day, and hanging out with the extended family in the afternoon (replete with my aunt's fantastic pumpkin pie) are traditions at our place, and I do love it.

But the first question we always get asked is "did you get anything nice?" - and since we really don't know each other well enough to inquire about each other's family, dear reader, I figure that's as good a place as any to start the year.

I was lucky enough to get a few choice pressies this year. The best wasn't TV-related, as my lovely girlfriend became my lovely fiancée on Christmas Eve, and really, nothing could top that; if you want to grin for the entire holiday period, I highly recommend acquiring somebody's hand in marriage.

However, Christmas Day brought with it a lovely TV-related present from her: a rather excellent Doctor Who TARDIS-shaped teapot, which claims to hold 750ml, but actually holds closer to 8 litres*. No lies: tea tastes better out of a TARDIS.


The Who-vian theme carried on through another great gift: a Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote. I haven't figured out how to program it yet, but I have enjoyed waving it around randomly while I watch telly, much to my fiancee's bemusement.

Game of Thrones was another regular feature: my partner bestowed upon me a set of Thrones playing cards, and my dear sister gifted me the Season 1 Collector's Edition Blu-ray set. It comes with a little dragon egg paperweight. Awesome.

Mum and Dad got in on the TV-gift act too, with a Game of Thrones mug and the Mad Men: Season 5 Blu-ray set. It has a pretty impressive array of extras, which actually add plenty to re-viewing the fifth season, possibly the best of the show to date.

It wasn't all TV-related, though. My daughter picked me up a pretty awesome Marvel Comics mug, I got a Playstation Move and an Xbox Kinect (both are going to be used extensively by the whole family, so it's really a pretty swell collective gift), and a good friend picked me up a copy of The Cabin in the Woods.

Anyway, enough about presents from me. As cheesy as it sounds, the real gift of Christmas is family and love. The real blessing at Christmas is the awesome people around me. Gifts are just (awesome) stuff but, hey, they're a great conversation starter.

So what interesting gifts - TV-related, or otherwise - did you get this Christmas?

(*) ... because the TARDIS teapot is bigger on the inside, geddit?

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