A few favourites coming back for more

22:44, Jan 30 2013

It's a busy time in the television industry, especially in America, where a number of shows have been picked up for future seasons in the past week or so, including ...

The pulp-action series from producer Alan Ball, and starring Antony Starr, has been picked up for a second season after a mere three episodes have aired. I'm quite glad about this one: as I wrote after the first episode, the show boasts a distracting amount of sex, violence and bad language - and that hasn't really changed in the pair of episodes since - but the show around it has got more interesting, and Starr's performance stronger, over the early part of this first season. Given the short seasons for Cinemax dramas, I'd definitely like to see Banshee take a little more time to tell its story.

The Killing
Just when showrunner Veena Sud thought she was out, AMC pulled her back in! The long-form procedural drama was cancelled after a second season that left most viewers angry that the show had taken more than 20 episodes to do what CSI does in a single hour, with little more depth. However, given a lack of new projects, AMC has brought the drama back for a third season - and news this week is that Elias Koteas will be joining the cast, a great addition to an ensemble that probably won't feature any of the existing supporting cast. I'm sceptical whether a new cast of characters will equate to an improved show, but I like Linden and Holder enough to find out.

Shameless, Californication & House of Lies
A trio of dramedies on Showtime have been renewed, picked up for their fourth, seventh and third seasons, respectively. We haven't seen House of Lies yet (though TV3 has included it on itts slate for this year). However, we've had Shameless - in a late night TV2 slot - and I just don't see the point; I know plenty of folk like that show, but I just found it all rather unappealing. Californication's pickup was inevitable but, though I'm excited for the sixth season (coming to TV3), I do wonder when enough is enough. It does seem to be hitting the same beats again and again. Just let Hank live happily ever after, writers!

It just won Golden Globe awards for Best Television Series (Comedy) and creator/writer/star Lena Dunham took one home for Best Actress in a Television Series (Comedy) - and when you combine that with the fact that HBO likes to renew shows early in their current season, it's no surprise that the fantastic Girls will be back for a third season.

How I Met Your Mother
Well, it's the news that all HIMYM fans have been dreading: the show is set to drag out for another year, after the entire core cast, as well as creators/writers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, signed on to do a ninth and final season. My frustrations with HIMYM are well documented (here, here), and I won't get into them again, other than to say that I sincerely hope the writers don't decide to leave the mother reveal until the end of that ninth season, especially now that we know Ted meets the mother at Barney and Robin's wedding. If we haven't met the mother by the end of the current season, I might not even bother with a ninth.

Are you pleased with these renewal decisions? Any shows you're looking forward to seeing again?

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